Tried and Tested: MRF Perfinza 225/45 R 17 tyres

Tried and Tested: MRF Perfinza 225/45 R 17 tyres

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Tried and Tested: MRF Perfinza 225/45 R 17 tyres

Words: Byram Godrej

It’s amazing how a good set of tyres can transform the car you have been driving on a daily basis for over ten years. Recently MRF sent over a set of their newly launched Perfinza tyres which I had installed on my Toyota Corolla. We had tested these tyres previously on our long term Mercedes CLA and it created a lasting impression on us, improving on the car’s ride and handling abilities. The size we received for the Corolla were 225/45 R17, a big upsize from the 195/65 R15s the car was previously running.

We’ve been racing and rallying on MRF tyres for many years now and if that experience was anything to go by, I knew these tyres would be really good on the road. I wasn’t wrong. For starters, it has livened up the rather bland exterior of my car, adding more character, while giving it a more aggressive stance. Recently I took the car out on a family holiday to Goa and I was very happy with the improved highway manners the tyres gave the car. The lowered road noise at triple-digit speeds was most significant. I was also happy with improved cornering ability, along with the added stability at speed, thanks to the increased contact patch.

The steering too feels more direct now and the feedback while driving on a nice twisty ghat section is also better. While the lower profile compared to the old tyres running on the car earlier did make the ride a bit stiffer, it never felt uncomfortable or gave passengers reason to complain. Though it grips well overall, I would have preferred a little more bite on braking, especially on hard braking. The downside of such a big upsize is the reduced fuel efficiency, but that’s a compromise I’m more than happy to make, given the improved overall performance and feel I’ve had thanks to the new MRF tyres. My wife too has been all praise for the tyres and likes the more relaxed driving experience it offers. I’m looking forward to many trouble free miles on the Perfinzas.

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