Tried and tested: Rowe Hightec Multi Formula SAE 5W-40

Tried and tested: Rowe Hightec Multi Formula SAE 5W-40

With the help of Euro Liquids, the German oil manufacturer now launches its range of products for Indian markets

German oil maker Rowe is a brand that has some motorsport experience with their products and has launched their range of products in India through Euro Liquids. We are trying out the Hightec Multi Formula SAE 5W-40 grade in our 1.6 diesel S-Cross. This is a high-performance oil with a wide area of application for petrol and diesel-powered cars, both turbocharged and naturally aspirated.

Rowe says this oil is produced using HC synthetic oil and special additives, which has been developed for modern engines to significantly reduce maintenance intervals, allowing you to run a longer period before you need to change the oil. This oil also has low sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulphur content, which helps protect the diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters on your vehicle.

Rowe Hightec multi formula SAE 5W-40

First thing I noticed is how the S-Cross now runs smoother, especially at idle. The 1.6-litre diesel engine in my car had gotten a little rough, since it crossed the 50,000km mark, but it definitely soundsand feels more refined now. Another noticeable difference is the cold start, which now requires a slightly shorter turn of the crank, while it isn’t as loud as it was before I started using this oil. Though it has just been over 500km since we added this oil to the engine, the small differences have made the driving experience more refined than before. Rowe also claims that there will be low oil consumption by the engine due to low evaporation loss, again, something that will help in the long run, considering the long service intervals most manufacturers recommend these days and the dusty conditions on our roads.

The German oil manufacturer is best known for its high-quality oils, which have been tested and further developed globally in racing. The oils also come with an API SN rating and that speaks volumes.

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