This World Photography day, let’s show you how we shoot cars!
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
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This World Photography day, let’s show you how we shoot cars!

At evo India, we ascribe to the idea of Thrill Of Driving. Getting from A to B, for us, is less a commute and more an adventure. And thrilling images are the linchpin that enhance not only our articles but even the sensibilities of our readers. On this World Photography Day, we present to you but a small glimpse of the results our adroit camerapersons have had in their attempts at capturing movements, colours and shadows.

Sudipto Chaudhury

When the world’s about to end, would you spring for two wheels or four?
Driving over snaking Himalayan roads over the first layer of snow 
Which would be your weapon of choice for those trips off the beaten path?
Which one of these SUVs can keep up with your average millionaire’s sky-high standards?
The ‘baby’ XUV with the big heart and tonnes of attitude
Giving the word ‘exclusive’ a new definition 
Crushing continents in unmatched luxury
Driving it in the last place you’d expect for a car this type
...and out the sun, came the horseman!
Launch control, but when no one’s around
‘Burning rubber’ but strictly off tarmac
Does everything an SUV can, and much more
A carefully orchestrated attempt at off-road domination
MG’s first SUV has the go to match the show
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