2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Harith Noah grabs another win, Sainz close to victory, Andujar extends his lead and more updates

We are into the final part of the 2024 Dakar. With just 2 races to go, most categories still don’t have a clear winner. Let’s take a look at the Stage 10
Harith Noah is just 4min 13sec behind the leader in the Rally 2 class.
Harith Noah is just 4min 13sec behind the leader in the Rally 2 class.TVS Racing

The 2024 Dakar Rally's Stage 10, a loop stage from AlUla back to AlUla spanning a total of 612 kilometers, presented a thrilling array of challenges and fierce competition across various categories. This stage was pivotal in shaping the overall standings and offered dramatic landscapes as competitors navigated through the demanding terrain. In the Bike category, Ricky Brabec eventually claimed the stage. The car category saw an intense battle between rally legends Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb, with strategy and skill playing key roles. In the Quad category, the rivalry between Alexandre Giroud and Manuel Andujar intensified, with Andujar securing a crucial stage win. The Truck category continued to showcase Martin Macik's dominance, although Gert Huzink's performance in this stage was remarkable. Each category witnessed its own set of dramas and triumphs, making Stage 10 a memorable part of the 2024 Dakar Rally.

2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Bikes

Honda’s Adrien Van Beveren was the first rider on the track, leading the way after yesterday’s win. Hero’s Ross Branch initially showed impressive performance, taking the lead at the first time check at 39km. He continued this and was fastest again at the second time check at 91km, only to be surpassed later by Honda’s Ricky Brabec later in the race. Brabec started the stage in second place but eventually overtook Van Beveren, consistently posting the fastest times at various checkpoints throughout the stage. Towards the end of the stage, Brabec continued to dominate, maintaining his lead and finishing the special with the fastest time, narrowly ahead of teammates Ignacio Cornejo and Van Beveren. Van Beveren's consistent performance throughout the stage allowed him to close the gap with Ross Branch in overall rankings, positioning him within striking distance with a 52-second gap. Brabec won the stage, and Ross Branch, despite a strong start, finished seventh, allowing Brabec to increase his lead significantly.

2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Indians at Dakar

Harith Noah has made quite a name for himself in this Dakar. Today, he achieved the second-fastest time overall at the refuelling station at 180km, and later at the last checkpoint set the fastest time of anyone, even beating Ricky Brabec, despite being in a lower class, marking a career-best performance in his fifth Dakar. He finished 5th, just a minute and 22 seconds behind Ricky Brabec. This remarkable feat placed him twelfth in the overall rankings and second in Rally 2.

2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Cars

Stage 10 of the Dakar Rally unfolded as a gripping battle between rally titans Audi’s Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb of Bahrain Raid Xtreme, with both drivers showcasing their skills and determination to secure the ultimate victory. Sainz, who has held the overall lead since the 48-hour chrono stage, faced relentless pressure from Loeb, who clinched his fourth stage win of the year but remained about 20 minutes behind the Spanish veteran.

Sebastien Loeb faced a momentary setback about 53km into the special, allowing Guerlain Chicherit (Overdrive Racing) to claim the fastest time at the first time check. However, the Frenchman quickly recovered and maintained a competitive edge, setting the stage for a riveting cat-and-mouse game with Sainz. As the race progressed, Sainz initially gained a lead of almost two minutes over Loeb at 91km. However, a brief halt and a subsequent slowdown saw the pendulum swing the other way, with Sainz conceding over four minutes to Loeb at 138km. Mattias Ekstrom emerged as a key player, clocking the fastest time at 91km and temporarily leading the provisional standings. Guerlain Chicherit also made a significant impact, reclaiming the top spot at 138km and ultimately securing the stage win, his first of the year.

Sainz's lead, once seemingly insurmountable, now faces a renewed challenge from Loeb, setting the stage for an exhilarating finish to this year's Dakar Rally. Loeb, now only 13 minutes behind, is primed to take the win.

2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Quads

Stage 10 of the Quad category continued the fierce competition between Alexandre Giroud (Yamaha Racing-SMX-Drag'On) and Manuel Andujar (7240 Team/Dragon Rally Service), with Andujar ultimately clinching the stage win and solidifying his overall lead. Giroud had emerged victorious yesterday, narrowing his deficit to Andujar to around 6 minutes.

As the stage unfolded, Andujar, demonstrated impressive form. He quickly established a lead at the first time check, putting 2 minutes and 43 seconds between himself and Giroud. Juraj Varga, holding third place overall, trailed significantly, over 3 minutes behind Andujar, indicating that the real contest was squarely between the Argentinian and the Frenchman.

Maintaining his momentum, Andujar extended his lead over Giroud to 2 minutes and 39 seconds at 91km, with Varga remaining in third place but falling further behind. In the end, Andujar successfully fended off Giroud's challenge and won Stage 10. This victory not only reinforced his position as the leader in the Quad category but also extended his overall lead to 8 minutes and 51 seconds over Giroud, with just two stages remaining in the rally.

2024 Dakar Rally Stage 10: Trucks

Martin Macik (MM Technology) firmly maintained his dominant position despite Jongbloed Dakar Team’s Gert Huzink’s notable stage win. As the stage progressed, Gert Huzink, piloting a hybrid Renault, continued to showcase his skills, leading at various checkpoints. At 138km, he held a 1-minute and 50-second advantage over Martin Macik. By the 264-kilometre mark, Gert Huzink remained ahead, maintaining a 1-minute and 21-second lead over Martin Macik. Gert Huzink eventually secured his second consecutive stage win. However, Martin Macik, finished second and tightened his grip on the overall lead. His lead over Aleš Loprais expanded to an impressive 2 hours and 6 minutes, solidifying Macik's position as the frontrunner in the Truck category.

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