Dean Mascarenhas wins round one of the Champions yacht club

Dean Mascarenhas wins round one of the Champions yacht club

Dean Mascarenhas (co-driver Shruptha Padival) occupied the first position closely followed by Fabir ahmed (co-driver Sanath G) and Gaurav Gill (co-driver Musa Sherif)

Team Champions’ Dean Mascarenhas overcame all the odds and won the opening round of the Champions Yacht Club – FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship despite a faulty vehicle and tough competition from three times ARRC winner Gaurav Gill

Team Mahindra’s Gill (co-driver Musa Sherif) finished second in the day’s first stage and won all remaining four, saw an unfortunate incident the penultimate stage. Just as he was racing, a herd of cows came on the rally course. He was unable to advance and lost ten seconds.

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He was awarded ten seconds by the Stewards for the delay, putting him on the third position in the overall category. Although he won in the INRC category, Dean Mascarenhas emerged the leader after round one of the FIM INRC.

“We worked very hard to make up for the lacklustre first two days,” Gill said. “We changed the tyres and the setup at every opportunity and it paid dividends until bad luck hit us,” he added.

Gill’s partner Mascarenhas said. “My car had lost one of the four cylinders on Saturday itself and it kept stalling, adding to the pressure. I however held my nerves and came through, making this one of my sweetest wins,” he said.


INRC Overall

1) Dean Mascarenhas (co-driver Shruptha Padival) – 1:45.10.800 hr;

2) Fabid Ahmer (co-driver Sanath G) – 1:45:24.400 hr;

3) Gaurav Gill(co-driver Musa Sherif) – 1:45:27.800 hr


1) Gaurav Gill (co-driver Musa Sherif) – 1:45:27.800 hr;

2) Phalguna URS (co-driver Srikanth Gowda) – 1:48:04.500 hr


1) Dean Mascarenhas (co-driver Shruptha Padival )– 1:45.10.800 hr;

2) Rahul Kanthraj  (co-driver Vivek Bhatt) – 1:45:28.600 hr;

3) Ritesh Guttedar.M (co-driver Lokaranjan H.J) – 1:53:13.300 hr


1 Fabid Ahmer (co-driver Sanath G) – 1:45:24.400 hr;

2) Arjun Rao (co-driver Shanmuga Sundaram) –  1:46:40.200 hr;

3)  Daraius Shroff (co-driver Sheeraz Ahmed) – 1:47:40.700 hr


1) Vaibhav Marate & Arjun SSB – 1:53:02.100 hr;

2) Rakshith Iyer & Chandrashekar – 1:54:30.700 hr;

3) Shirole Prakhyat. H & Bharath S.M – 1:59:19.700 hr;

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