Kunal Maini tops the leaderboard at the Formula Junior Racing Series 2019

Kunal Maini tops the leaderboard at the Formula Junior Racing Series 2019

Meco Motorsport began Formula Junior Racing Series (FJRS) back in 2016. The aim is to provide a platform for potential drivers who want to enter Formula car racing. For the 2019 season, Meco Motorsport selected 14 drivers who competed in two rounds each of which consisted of four races.

The winner got a ticket to the JK Tyre Indian National Racing Championship 2019 in the LGB Formula 4 category, sponsored by team Meco Motorsport. The runner up and second runner up got three and two free drives in the JK Tyre Novice Cup 2019.

Round One

Kunal Maini put on a stellar show right from the first round. The youngster from Faridabad finished in the first place in three out of the four races and finished in third place in the second race. He started in the fourth place but fell back to the sixth position recovered well and completed the race in the second position behind Mohammad Ryan after race leader Neil Varun Namburu got a penalty.

He received tough competition from Mohammad Ryan and Udbhav Goyal but Kunal made his move and finally secured the first position at the end of round one. Kunal scored 95 points at the end of the round closely followed by Mohammad Ryan with 85 points on the leaderboard

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Round Two

There were 12 drivers on the grid in the second round, instead of the original 14-car layout. Kunal Aced the second round finishing in the first place in all the four races.

Race one saw Kunal finishing at the top spot closely followed by Udbhav Goyal and Mohammad Ryan at the second and third position.

However, the leaderboard saw some changes after Race two with Kunal maintaining his lead closely followed by Mevan Perrera and Aditya Swaminathan.

Right in lap two of race three, five cars crashed and the race had to be restarted. The final standings were similar to the first race with Kunal on the top spot followed by Udbhav Goyal and Mohammad Ryan.

Race four again saw the leaderboard shuffle. Kunal held the lead, right behind him was Aditya Swaminathan followed by Udbhav Goyal in the third position

At the end of round two Kunal Maini held the lead spot with a total of 100 points followed by Udbhav Goel and Mohammed Ryan in the second and third positions, both bagging 52 points each.

The Results

At the end of both rounds, Kunal secured the first position bagging 195 points. On his tail was Mohammad Ryan with 137 points and the third place was occupied by Udbhav Goyal who scored a total 98 points. Kunal thus secured a ticket in the LGB Formula 4 category sponsored by team Meco Motorsport. The JK Tyre National Racing championship LGB 4 Formula category would begin from July 26.

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