2024 Indian MotoGP race cancelled – severe weather to be blamed

Reason claimed to be unsuitable weather conditions; “Money was never the issue,” say insiders
It is expected that the Indian GP will be moved to March for the coming years.
It is expected that the Indian GP will be moved to March for the coming years.evo India

The Indian MotoGP race, originally set for September 2024, will not take place in 2024, sources confirm. Instead, the race has been rescheduled to March 2025 due to severe weather concerns forecasted during September. While this may seem disappointing, it could ultimately benefit the Indian GP. Here’s why.

Reasons for cancellation

Contrary to rumours about unpaid dues, sources indicate that the real reason for the cancellation is the severe weather forecasted for September. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts above-average rains and high humidity during this period, which could disrupt the race. Last year’s race was significantly affected by extreme heat, leading to many riders calling it the hottest race of the season – that image of Jorge Martin collapsing after the race is hard to forget. Even the marshals suffered due to the severe weather conditions. To avoid such issues, the race has been moved to a more favourable month. March 2025 is now being considered, with expectations of moderate temperatures and less humidity.

Alternate dates considered

Insiders have also confirmed that November 2024 was considered as an alternative date, but North India, particularly around the NCR region faces fog and smog issues during this time, partially due to stubble burning. This would not be ideal for the country’s image on a global scale. Additionally, two races are already scheduled for late October and two more in November, making it logistically impossible to add another race without causing back-to-back events. Holding a race in September 2024 and another in March 2025 was also ruled out because it would strain attendees financially due to the short interval between events, increasing travel costs.

Benefits of moving to March 2025

Organisers initially aimed for a March slot because of the favourable weather and high tourist activity during this period, which would benefit the local economy. Furthermore, with Ramadan occurring in March next year and the Middle East potentially unable to hold a race, India could potentially host the inaugural race and also secure a testing slot.

Another advantage is the opening of the Jewar airport in December, which is only 18-20km from the track. This will ease logistics significantly, with new hotels also expected to open around the airport and track.

Clarifying monetary rumours

Insiders have clarified that there were no monetary issues, contrary to claims by foreign media. The few delays that did happen were due to the Model Code of Conduct related to the general elections. Dorna Sports, the rights holder of MotoGP, was informed about six months in advance. Insiders also claimed that the organisers have the financial capability to support such events, and the delays were purely procedural.

What’s next?

No official statement has been released yet by Fairstreet Sports or Dorna Sports. An official announcement is expected soon, with the final dates for next year likely to be revealed in June. This postponement, while it might shine a bad light on the country, could position the Indian GP in a more favourable light, ensuring better weather conditions and enhanced logistical support for the event.

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