The evo India team has its own F1 fantasy league —  join in to take part and win prizes!
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The evo India team has its own F1 fantasy league — join in to take part and win prizes!

The first Formula 1 weekend of 2020 is upon us and you can join in the action using the official F1 Fantasy game, make your team and compete with us!

Karan Singh, Correspondent, evo India

Karan Singh, Correspondent, evo India

Fantasy leagues are not a recent breakthrough, they’ve been around for ages for sports like football and cricket. A fantasy league involves players creating their own teams using a standardised budget and picking a set number of drivers and a team. The players get points based on the performance of their drivers and teams, the person with the highest score, wins! Thanks to the huge increase in fan base in recent times, Formula 1 came out with their very own fantasy league game recently. While the winner of the official F1 Global Fantasy league will get a chance to watch a race live next season, we here at evo India are also giving out exciting prizes to the winner in our league after reach round!

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The basics

Well to put it simply, each person gets a budget of $100 million using which you choose five drivers and one constructor to make up your team. You enter that team into a league or create your own league to compete amongst your friends. You can make unlimited changes to your team before the deadline, which is at the start of qualifying in Australia. After the season starts you are allowed to make one free change in each race week. However you get two wildcards, one anytime before the Hungarian GP and one to be used anytime after, these allow you to change your whole team with no penalties. Are you still with us? Well hold on because it gets slightly more complex.

Nitty gritties

For starters, once the season starts, all drivers and teams will have dynamic pricing which will reflect the performance of the team and driver. Thanks to dynamic pricing if you play smart you will be able to earn a profit and build a better team over the season. One driver in your team will be a Turbo Driver that earns double points, negative too, this driver can be changed every race week without restrictions. However, only drivers that are priced under $20 million can be your Turbo Driver. A Mega Driver will get a 3x boost and can be used only twice in a season, there are no restrictions on the price of the Mega Driver, though.


The points system is extremely complex but we’ll break it down for you. Drivers get points based on their performance using parameters like — whether they made it to Q2 or not, whether they gained or lost positions in the race, whether they finished ahead of their teammate or whether they finished at all, among others. You can read further about all the rules on the official website for the F1 Fantasy game and you can check out the points table here. Basically, the better a driver races, the better your chances of winning. The team’s points are calculated by totalling the points of both drivers.

So, while coronavirus might prevent you from going and attending some races, you can join in the fun with the F1 Fantasy game. Excited? Well, make your best team before the first qualifying session on March 14, and enter into the official evo India F1 Fantasy league (league code: d864076547) to see how you match up against our boys at the office and other evo India fans! We are giving out exciting prizes to the player with the highest points after each race and a goodie bag to the player with the most points at the end of the season.

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