FIM E-Xplorer racing comes to India in nine-year partnership with Kankanala Sports Group

India’s motorsport credentials set to expand as FIM E-Xplorer partners with Kankanala Sports Group
The FIM E-Xplorer series is an all-terrain event
The FIM E-Xplorer series is an all-terrain eventFIM

Indian sports management company Kankanala Sports Group (KSG) has entered a nine-year partnership with FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) to host FIM E-Xplorer races in India. The FIM E-Xplorer all-terrain electric motorcycle racing series gives manufacturers to test and demonstrate their vehicles and is broadcast in over 60 countries through over 350 million households globally. India will play host to this season’s grand finale in November 2024.

FIM E-Xplorer and Kankanala Sports Group have entered a nine-year partnership
FIM E-Xplorer and Kankanala Sports Group have entered a nine-year partnershipKankanala Sports Group

Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, Owner of Kankanala Sports Group says, "We are thrilled with this long-term partnership with E-Xplorer. We aspire to unite the motorbike community and all racing fans, igniting enthusiasm for India's motorsports while being a catalyst for it. Not only will the upcoming season excite and entertain moto enthusiasts across the country, but the introduction of our very own Indian team will finally give us all a chance to be on an international podium in motorsports! This is the start of a new dawn for motorcycle racing in India."

Carina Munte, Chief Championship Officer and Co-Founder at E-Xplorer says  "This strategic and long-term partnership with Kankanala Sports Group marks a significant step for the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. It also aligns perfectly with the growing enthusiasm for electric motorbikes and motorsports in the world's largest two-wheeler market. Kankanala Sports has already demonstrated to be well-equipped to make this race an unforgettable and outstanding event that will elevate the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup's profile globally."

Valentin Guyonnet, CEO and Co-Founder at E-Xplorer says,  "India is on the brink of becoming the world's leading two-wheel market. Our enduring nine-year partnership is a testament to our commitment to a long-term vision, especially in collaborating with Indian motorcycle manufacturers. We are also looking to develop a national championship and other grassroots programs. Our months of collaboration with Kankanala Sports Group have filled me with confidence. They are the ideal partners to help us realise our ambitious objectives.”

The partnership comes at an opportune time in India’s motorsport journey as it aims to attract the biggest international events, the most recent one being Moto GP in September 2023. With FIM E-Xplorer coming to India, the country's motorsport pedigree can only grow.

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