F1 fans rejoice...the 2020 season is set to start in July!
The 2020 F1 season will restart with a double-header in Austriaformula1.com

F1 fans rejoice...the 2020 season is set to start in July!

The 2020 Formula 1 season is set to restart in Austria next month, with at least eight races slated to happen overall

The 2020 Formula 1 season was put on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak, which lay waste on months of testing and practice. However, since this unprecedented issue started, the teams and the FIA have been working to put together a plan to allow the season to restart safely. And now finally we have word from F1 chief executive Chase Carey outlining what seems to be a revised calendar of races.

As per the announcement, the 2020 F1 season will kick off with the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring on July 5, followed a week later by a second race at the same venue. The Hungarian Grand Prix will follow a week after that, before a break. Then there will be two back-to-back races at Silverstone, followed by the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona. The Belgian Grand Prix will follow that, with the Italian Grand Prix at Monza a week later on September 6.

All the races will be supported by Formula 2 and Formula 3. Particulars regarding dates and venues of the first eight races are as follows:

All the races in thenew 2020 F1 season will occur in Europe
All the races in thenew 2020 F1 season will occur in Europeformula1.com

As you can see, the calendar looks similar to the one announced by MotoGP, which means all the races are being held within Europe. Though there are still talks going on regarding a wider calendar, in essence doubling the number of races, the overall uncertainty regarding the epidemic has both the enthusiasts and even F1 itself in a state of disorientation.

And, there are still many precautionary factors to consider for the races already set to happen. These include, above all, regular testing by a full-fledged medical team of everyone concerned, each of whom must conclusively test negative before being allowed to travel to the venue. Talking of which, the travel plans will include the use of charter flights as much as possible and private transfers between the airports, the hotels and the circuit. Moreover, another round of screening will take place before entering the venue, which will extend to all locally-based workers as well.

Within the circuits, only a skeleton crew, consisting of all parties, including the teams, the FIA, suppliers and F1 itself will be operating. Additionally, pre- and post-race activities including all media interactions will be altered to ensure safe distances can be maintained. Naturally, the races will not be open to spectators, guests or partners. Hence, regular functions of a race weekend, like the television broadcast, will be carried out remotely.

With the calendar for the MotoGP season already out, and now F1 joining in as well, all the enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed for motorsport to return in all its glory. Yes, esports is set to become the new normal. And though the developers across platforms may have gone to great lengths to ensure the fullest amount of realism within their creations, there will always be something about the real thing that can never be replicated.

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