5 Reasons Why Formula E is the Future of Motorsports!
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5 Reasons Why Formula E is the Future of Motorsports!

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If you are thinking of anything futuristic or next generation, electric or technology will surely have a role to play. If you were to imagine the futuristic avatar of motorsports, a century old sport? Will electric racing be your answer?

Now entering its sixth season and second year of running the Generation 2 car on city-center circuits, Formula E is, in many ways, outlining the future of motorsports, here’s how:

Future starts with ‘E’ - be it cars to take you places, or cars to make your heart race!

Formula E is more than just a racing series – it’s the testbed for EV technology. It’s the first – and currently only – FIA-backed international racing series whose cars run solely on battery-electric power. Electric-powered car is where the automotive industry is headed, which makes Formula E the most futuristic racing championship today.

Making clean energy real for audiences

Formula E is conceptualized on the foundation of climate change and sustainability. Emissions from gasoline powered cars, has been polluting cities across the world. Electric racing in urban centers brings the purpose of sustainability and thrill of racing, closer to its audience than ever before. This will pave the way for wider adoption of EVs which will mean cleaner air, greener cities and a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Mahindra Racing is proud to remain the only team in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to achieve the FIA Environmental Accreditation Two-Star rating. The squad first successfully attained the rating in November 2016 and, following a periodic audit in February this year, Mahindra Racing maintained its status in the framework, with the aim of being carbon neutral by 2020 and target a Three-Star rating.

Electric cars, racing at lightning fast speed

In racing the speed is of utmost important and Formula E teams have been working relentlessly to bring the best of technology and engineering on the grid. With almost double the energy capacity, the Gen2 Formula E car enables the teams and drivers to compete a full race at higher speeds, without a mid-race car swap. The Gen2 car has proven the advancements in battery and electric motor technology achieved which will be all set to make its way into the electric road vehicles.

Mahindra Racing’s M6Electro is a Gen 2 car that will be seen on the tracks in the upcoming season. With 250kW of power, the Gen2 car accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.8-seconds and go on to a top speed of 280km/h. Be it Jerome’s podium finish at the inaugural race at Riyadh in 2018 Pascal Wehrlein’s dramatic Super Pole at Santiago ePrix last year – Mahindra Racing has consistently showcased its technical and engineering prowess.

Fan engagement 2.0

Formula E is an inclusive sport wherein fans play a game-changing role. Fanboost provides a unique opportunity for fans to cheer for their favorite driver by voting for them from six days ahead of every race. The three highest voted drivers get an extra 100 kJ of energy in that race.

Mahindra Racing has made fan engagement more exciting and interactive through our #DrivenByDesign series. You have a chance to showcase your creativity and design expertise and become a part of the Mahindra Racing family. Jerome’s helmet and Pascal’s race suit (unveiled at the Berlin race), last season were designed by our fans!

ePrix a fast-paced, quick and easy accessible experience

Formula E races go no longer than 45-minutes and an extra lap without any pit stops, which makes for shorter and more exciting race viewing experience. For those at home can catch the action on the good old TV set, you can even view the races on-the-go on Formula E’s official FB page or on the Sony ESPN app online. One can easily catch the action live if the race it is happening in their city, thanks to the city center circuits that makes for a perfect weekend experience with loved ones. See the season 6 calendar here.

Mahindra Racing will test the M6Electro at the all-teams pre-season test from 15-18 October at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. The first race of the 2019/20 ABB FIA Formula E Championship starts with a double-header at the Diriyah E-Prix on 22-23 November 2019.

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