MRF Tyres finishes on the podium in snow!

MRF Tyres finishes on the podium in snow!

The first outing for the brand’s first studded rally tyre proved to be very successful

MRF Tyres is taking rallying, and international motorsports, very seriously. They’ve developed a brand new set of tyres for rallying, with the most interesting being the ice and snow tyres which are studded. The first competitive outing for the tyre was in the Itäralli in the Finnish Rally Championship where Hyundai partnered MRF Tyres team finished in third place.

The Finnish Rally Championship is the perfect testing ground for MRF’s tyres, it offers conditions that are seen on the WRC stages and stiff competition from drivers that are trying to make it to the world stage as well. Piloted by Craig Breen with John Rowan alongside, the Hyundai i20 R5 car was looking very strong and took the fight to the leaders in their class. The pair never fell out of the top three during the entire five stages that covered 98km; Managing an impressive average speed of 125kmph.

Craig Breen stated “What a super day flying through the Finnish forests! Incredible roads and perfect conditions, and in the end a very encouraging third place overall. First rally ever for MRF ice tyre and we are all so pleased already with the performance with so much more potential ready to be unlocked in the future.”

The podium finish is a great result for MRF, it shows they certainly have potential and they can become a motorsport powerhouse internationally as well. They will be entering the European Rally Championship soon as well and their aim is to be the control tyre for the WRC2 soon. If the development continues at this pace and they keep getting results like these, it will be only a matter of time before they make that jump.

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