Mumbai Falcons confirm three new racetracks to be built in India!

Moid Tungekar, CEO of Mumbai Falcons, has confirmed plans to build three new racetracks in India by the end of this year, increasing the number of new racetracks being built in India with the involvement of Mumbai Falcons to four.
Mumbai Falcons' recent project, COASTT, Coimbatore
Mumbai Falcons' recent project, COASTT, CoimbatoreTeam evo India

In a recent conversation with evo India, Moid Tungekar, CEO of Mumbai Falcons India Racing Limited, revealed their plans to announce three new racetracks to be constructed in India by the end of this year. The tracks are being aimed with an FIA Grade 2 certification, which would allow them to race categories up to Formula 2 in single-seaters and the World Endurance Championship in sportscar racing.

Although it would be more economical to aim for a Grade 3 certification, Moid says the reason a Grade 2 certification is being targeted is, “Simply because of the safety factors that Grade 2 offers because it's a higher grade circuit. There's more safety in the design of the facility and that's our primary objective; to make sure that any type of racing that happens at our facilities are at the highest safety standards.”

Moid also said that the tracks will have an emphasis on track days and give an opportunity for enthusiasts to hone their driving skills in the safety of a racetrack. The plans for the tracks will be announced by the end of this year, although no official dates have been promised as yet.

This comes as welcome news for motorsport fans in India, who have already been promised a host of new tracks to be built in India since last year. Among those are the under-construction Nanoli Speedway near Pune and the COASTT track near Coimbatore, in both of which Mumbai Falcons are involved. Along with the other projects already announced, this news would tentatively bring up the number of racetracks in India to 12!

Exciting times to be a racing fanatic indeed! Let us know where else in India would benefit from a race track, and for more such news on motorsports, follow our social media handles and keep up with the #ThrillOfDriving!

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