India to get two new world-class karting tracks soon

Two new CIK Grade 1 karting tracks being built in India in Pune and Coimbatore, reveals Mumbai Falcons CEO.
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The state of karting in India is set to improve dramatically this year, as Mumbai Falcons confirm that they are involved in the creation of two brand new Karting centres that would be a massive boost to the karting infrastructure of the country. The two tracks will be world-class circuits that hope to host international championships as well as increase the variety of venues available to national karting championships and young racers in the country.

One of the major issues with motorsport aspirants in India has been the dearth of racing venues of quality. This has reduced Indian drivers to the same circulation of tracks which depleted the depth of talent in the country. Karting especially has been the worst hit by this problem, with only a few tracks capable of hosting even national class championships. However, that is soon to change.

In a conversation with evo India, the CEO of Mumbai Falcons, Moid Tungekar, revealed that the team has plans to build two new karting tracks in India that will be built to CIK Grade 1 specifications. This will allow them to host not only international karting championships and events such as the World Karting Finals, but also elevate the quality of venues that Indian National Karting Championships use. An added advantage will be the higher levels of safety on offer.

According to Moid, the first track is already under construction at the COASTT circuit in Coimbatore, which has been slated to host rounds of the IAME X30 Series as early as April this year. The second track will be built at an undisclosed location in Pune, and will be completed before the end of the year. It will also host a slate of events. Moid hopes to bring more international and regional karting series to the country as well in an effort to boost the industry.

IndikartingTeam Evo India

Speaking about the plans, Moid said, “We've got two racing circuits coming up, CIK grade one, the first of their kind in the country, which we're developing. So that is Coimbatore and Pune, which will be delivered this year itself. We anticipate starting the IAME series India on the COASTT circuit for the first championship. April 28th is the proposed date. If there is any sort of delay, it won't be very large. Maybe two-three weeks here and there. It's all with regards to the construction that's taking place on-site and that the constructions going on track are good.”

This news comes as a ray of hope and as a huge opportunity to the masses of young drivers who hope to rise up the ranks and make a mark in the world of international motorsport.

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