Pikes Peak to exclude bikes for the near future

Pikes Peak to exclude bikes for the near future

The 2020 Pikes Peak Hill International HillClimb will not include a motorcycle program while analysis for “long-term viability” is conducted

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb announced that it plans to exclude motorcycles in its racing program in 2020. The organisers want to fully review the race “to determine the long-term viability of the motorcycle program.”

This decision from the organisers of the race, which has been going on since 1916 (with some breaks), with this year’s edition the 97th outing at the hill, comes after the recent fatal crash of four-time Pikes Peak motorcycle record holder Carlin Dunne, who crashed just before the finish line allegedly after losing control due to some gravel.

An official statement from the members of the board said " We [the board] will continue to track all metrics related to the annual race and make a final determination in late 2020 about whether or not the inclusion of a motorcycle program will take place in future years".

The current record for motorcycles at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb was 9:44.963 minutes set by Rennie Scaysbrook on an Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory

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