Pista Motor Raceway to come up near Hyderabad
New racetrack to come up near HyderabadPista Motor Raceway

Pista Motor Raceway to come up near Hyderabad

The Pista Motor Raceway that’s set to come up near Hyderabad will be accessible to the public and is slated to be completed by 2023

There’s great news for track day junkies yet again as another major racetrack is slated to come up in India. Work for the Pista Motor Raceway has already begun at Dundigal in Telangana, about one hour from the Hyderabad airport on Ring Road.

Details are scarce as of now, but here’s everything that we know so far. The land has already been acquired for construction activities to commence and after completion, the total track length will be 3.708km along with 16 corners. The longest straight of the track will also double up as a drag strip and that will be ready between May and August 2021. The 2.3km upper loop is slated to be ready by May 2022 while the entire 3.708km long track will be ready by May 2023.

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Passion leads to some wonderful things and one such example is @takumigarage. He recently picked up his Ferrari 488 Pista and knowing that he wouldn’t be able to exploit the car fully on public roads, he’s gone ahead and built a racetrack just outside Hyderabad for himself and like minds like him. Aptly dubbed the Pista Motor Race Way - @pistamotorraceway, the project is well underway and will have a dirt bike track, off road track and a drag strip alongside the racetrack. While the dirt track is already up and functioning, phase one of the racetrack will be running by late this year and phase two later next year. Phase one of the track is 2.3kms long which will extend to 3.5km by the completion of phase two, the drag strip will form a part of the racetrack. The track will be accessible to the public and will serve as a consortium for petrolheads in and around Hyderabad. We are extremely glad to be breaking out the news first with this little graphic video of how the track will look like once’s it’s ready. We wish @takumigarage the best with his new venture and a big congratulations for not only pulling off something of this scale but also showcasing what passion could lead to! Hoping to see this project in action very soon! #PistaMotorRaceWay #TakumiGarage #Hyderabad 🎥 @deetales.anupareddy

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What we also know is that the track promoters want the racetrack to be technically sound and challenging as well. A part of the bottom loop resembles turns 8 and 8A from Laguna Seca that are popularly known as ‘the Corkscrew’, with a 59-feet drop that follows the contours of the land. Activities kick off this weekend with a dirt track event for bikes while a national off-road championship is planned for Q1 2021 on the 7-8km off-road track that includes some portions of the corner run-offs. That said, there will also be a steering pad about 145 feet in diameter and a 150m long pit lane.

  • Initial design of the 3D view of the pitlane at the Pista Motor Raceway

    Initial design of the 3D view of the pitlane at the Pista Motor Raceway

  • Steering pad

    Steering pad

  • The track will be highly technical in nature

    The track will be highly technical in nature

After the drag strip gets ready by August 2021, FIA certification will commence. There’s no doubt that this is indeed a great news for motorsport and track enthusiasts in the country. About a month ago, we also reported on the FIA certified Nanoli Speedway that’s slated to come up near Pune. After completion of both these facilities, India will have as many as five major racetracks.

Lengths of major racetracks in India:

BIC: 5.1km

MMRT: 3.7km

Pista Motor Raceway: 3.7km

Nanoli Speedway: 2.9km

Kari Motor Speedway: 2.1km

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