Suzuki Gixxer Cup 2018 will begin on July 5

Suzuki Gixxer Cup 2018 will begin on July 5

The first round of Gixxer Cup 2018 is set to begin on July 5, with the selection of the riders on July 2. The selection process will take place at the Kari motor speedway in Coimbatore, which is also where the first three rounds will be taking place.

The riders will compete in two distinct categories, just as in the last 3 seasons: The JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup: For Riders aged 17 years and above, (Born after 01-01-1994 and before 01-01-2001); and The Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup: For Riders aged between 12 and 16 years. (Born after 01-01-2002 and before 31-03-2006). 22 riders will be selected for the first category, and 12 for the second. These 24 selections will be given a 3-day in-depth training session, after which they will all have to apply for and obtain a Federation of Motorsports Club of India [FMSCI] 2W License. Post-license obtainment, they will have theory sessions, and practice riding on-track, under the watchful eyes of industry experts. This will mainly provide them with hands-on experience and knowledge that will be used throughout the season.


The first three rounds will take place at the Kari motor speedway in Coimbatore, and the dates will be as follows:

Round 1: July 5 – July 8

Round 2: August 30 – September 2

Round 3: October 11 – October 14

Round 4:  November 15 to 18 (The final round will be at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida)

About the Gixxer Cup

Suzuki Motorcycle India launched the Gixxer Cup in 2015 as a platform for budding and passionate racers to be able to apply and test their limits, as well as learn new skills. Apart from laying the foundations for Suzuki’s racing heritage in India, It also provides an affordable solution to passionate racers who are financially challenged by providing them with vehicles at fractional costs.

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