Team MOCA wins JK Tyre Orange 4x4 Fury

Team MOCA wins JK Tyre Orange 4x4 Fury

The reigning champions had the home advantage at the annual fest held in Arunachal Pradesh

The JK Tyre Orange 4x4 Fury event is held as part of the festival and it saw teams from all over the country battling it out in the toughest of terrains. Local heroes MOCA (Marabhum Offroaders Club of Arunachal) took the crown after conquering plenty of perils, once again after last year’s victory. The Orange Festival of Adventure and Music is held in the Dambuk Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, and as the name suggests, it involves natively grown oranges, hardcore off-roading and good music. What more can one ask for?

There were a total of 31 teams including — MOCA (Marabhum Offroaders Club of Arunachal) , BODA (Bangalore Offroad Drivers Association) , Delhi’s NIOC (North India Off-Roading Club) , Kottayam’s R&T Catalyst and Mumbai’s Team Fairmont among others. The event usually spans four days but due to political unrest in the region, it was shortened to two with just two stages. The first stage was six kilometres long, which might not sound like much but the sheer difficulty and level of obstacles meant it took hours to conquer. The terrain in this stage had artificial obstacles over the natural elements including a riverbed and dense rainforests. The second stage was 15km long and traversed through areas frequented by wild animals including tigers, elephants and leopards! MOCA eventually emerged champions for the second year running with a time of 6:47.50 ( Second place was awarded to 4x4 Beats from Kerala with a time of 7:30.12 ( while Delhi NIOC took the last podium spot clocking in 8:25.26 ( The treacherous terrain and tough conditions led to a rescue mission that took about four hours at 2AM for recovery. Thankfully, all competitors were safe and sound in the end.

The JK Tyre 4x4 Orange Fury is definitely not one for the faint of heart, or spirit, and is held in an extremely picturesque part of our country, largely untouched by the advancements of our lives, and we cannot wait to go there next year!

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