Tweaked DRS Zones for this weekend’s German GP

Tweaked DRS Zones for this weekend’s German GP

DRS Zones at the Hockenheimring now reduced to only two, before the German GP weekend

The Hockenheimring track gets a major tweak for this weekend’s Formula 1 race. The DRS zones for the 4.5km track have been reduced from three to two. As of 2018, the German track had three DRS Zones. The first DRS detection zone was on entry to turn 4 with activation zone on the ‘Parabolica’, until just sharp right hand hairpin (turn 6). The second detection zone was between turn 16 and 17 with the activation zone after turn 17 stretching to 80 per cent of the main straight. The third activation zone was on the straight right after the ‘Nordcurv’.

Removal of the first DRS Zone is a major change as the drivers will not be able to use the DRS on the pit straight. This means the first DRS Zone is right after the north curve (Turn 1) with its detection area located just after the start-finish line. The second DRS Zone is located on the long stretch following Turn 4, (Parabolica) which leads up to the Turn 6 hairpin which is termed as the circuit’s prime overtaking spot.

After the switch from Nurburgring to Hockenheimring, Lewis Hamilton is the only one driver to win at the Hockenheim track. Four drivers make their F1 race debuts at the circuit: Antonio Giovinazzi, Alex Albon, George Russell and Lando Norris.

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