Drivers’ selection for 2019 Volkswagen Ameo Cup concludes

Drivers’ selection for 2019 Volkswagen Ameo Cup concludes

Volkswagen Motorsport India has announced the completion of its driver selection programme for 2019 Ameo Cup. Out of the 125 candidates who appeared for the driver selection programme, 15 new drivers were shortlisted. Ten drivers from the 2018 Ameo Cup would also be competing this year, taking the total number of competitors to 25 for this year’s Ameo Cup. The drivers’ selection programme was held last week.

Volkswagen Ameo Cup – the selection process

Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India Sirish Vissa, driver coach Rayomand Banajee and karting expert Steve Hodges were the chief selectors during the two-day programme. The selection process included tests that rated driving skills and fitness. The first day of the selection process saw Rayomand and Steve impart basic steering and braking techniques to the participants and tips on finding the ideal racing line. The drivers were then given the time and opportunity to game up their skills and get used to the track. The three judges, Sirish, Rayomand and Steve each scored the drivers out of 20 for their driving techniques, which carried maximum importance in the selection process. Every driver’s fastest lap time and ultimately the fitness scores were also added up to decide the final scores for each participant.

The fitness of drivers

Volkswagen Motorsport India’s fitness partner Multifit organised warm up and cool down sessions for the drivers. Four trainers from Multifit conducted a few exercises in order to evaluate the fitness of the participants. These trainers also gave tips on everyday nutrition for best performance for the drivers.

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Sirish Vissa on the drivers’ selection programme

“Volkswagen Motorsport India is proud to announce that we are entering our 10th year with a bang. We received the highest number of online registrations for drivers’ selection in the history of Volkswagen Motorsport India. Rayomand, Steve and I judged the drivers on a wide range of parameters like driving technique, their racing lines and the ability to follow-up on coach’s instructions. I would like to congratulate all the new drivers shortlisted through the selection process and wish them all the luck for the upcoming season of Ameo Cup.”

The format of the Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2019 will remain the same as the 2018 edition. Dhruv Mohite was crowned the winner of 2018 Ameo Cup, while Saurav Bandyopadhyay and Jeet Jhabakh finished second and third overall. Ten races would be held throughout the season at the race tracks in Coimbatore, Chennai and Greater Noida for 2019 edition. The drivers would be classified in Pro and Junior category based on their experience in racing. At the end of the season, the winner of the Ameo Cup Pro category will get a sponsored seat in a higher series of racing while the winner of the Ameo Cup Junior category will get a sponsored seat in the Ameo Cup for one more year to get developed further. Volkswagen Motorsport India has not given out the list of names yet, so stay tuned for the driver’s list and other details.

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