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Tried and Tested: Casio Edifice ECB-800

Tried and Tested: Casio Edifice ECB-800

Abhishek Wairagade

Tried and Tested: Casio Edifice ECB-800

Casio Edifice ECB-800, a watch for F1 fans

Motorsports chronograph is a rarity at a sub-1 lakh price tag but Casio has something for Formula 1 fans, the Edifice ECB-800. It has been developed in collaboration with Toro Rosso and comes with various motorsport features. The Casio Edifice ECB-800 not only displays lap times upto 1/1000th of a second but also has an in-built memory that stores data of all the Formula 1 tracks on the calendar, including the French GP which debuts on the calendar in 2018. The Casio Edifice ECB-800 can store data of up to 200 laps and you can compare your timings after each lap, as the watch displays your average speed as well as lap timings. You can even compare your sector timings. How you ask? The watch comes with built-in Bluetooth allowing you to connect the phone with your iPhone and share all the data. You can use the Edifice Connected app to sync world clock times of up to 209 countries.

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The Solar Powered Casio Edifice ECB-800 chronograph

The watch also comes with a stopwatch and countdown timer, as well as an alarm function. If you’re not comfortable with a chronograph, you’ll feel that the functions of the Casio Edifice ECB-800 are a bit overwhelming. But having used the watch for over two weeks now, I can tell you that it isn’t as complicated as it seems. The backlight of the watch too can be automatically activated, detecting low ambient light when you lift your wrist. Now, where the hell can I find a W09 and a ticket to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps?

Price: Rs 19,995

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