American Monster Truck shows to make their debut in India next year

American Monster Truck shows to make their debut in India next year

By Ganesh Murthy

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American Monster Truck shows to make their debut in India next year

Most of the 90’s kids would have played a computer game called ‘Monster Truck Madness’, which was introduced back in ’96. You could drive huge monster trucks on tracks, jump the trucks and push opponents out of contention to win. Most of us would have wondered what it would be like to be in one and maybe, drive the humongous thing. Well, here’s good news for you. American Monster Tuck shows are all set to make their debut in India in 2019.

One of the most successful events in USA, the American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) hopes to replicate the success in India, by conducting monster truck shows across the country. AMTA has partnered with Mumbai based Starlight108 Media to bring ‘The Monster Experience’, Monster Truck shows in India. Tours are tentatively planned in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru for the first leg of the event. The second leg will follow to other cities later.

To conduct a show of such enormity, Starlight1108 media will set up the necessary infrastructure in India and other Asian countries as well. To generate interest in people among all age groups, the company is also planning a range of promotional activities targeting schools, colleges, malls et al.

Here are some numbers for you so that you can mentally form an image of a monster truck in your mind. Or you can look at the images above. Monster trucks are typically 12 feet tall, 20 feet long and weigh up to 4.5 tons. The off-road specific/dirt tyres alone are five feet high! Looking at one, you will see that the unsprung weight of a monster truck is far more than the sprung weight. They are generally bouncy (with suspension travel up to 12 inches) and if you attempt to corner in one, you will most probably end up looking down at the sky.

On partnering with AMTA for the monster truck experience, Lalit Bhatnagar, partner, Starlight108 Media Pvt. Ltd. said,”India is one of the biggest market in the world and fastest growing economy, we are very confident that our efforts are going to create fruitful results for everyone involved to develop a fun filled experience for people from all walks of life across age groups. We have got very positive feedback and interest from various brands, companies and individuals we have spoken to so far and we look forward for a long term and successful innings of Monster Truck shows in India. We are delighted to have AMTA on board who have done hundreds of successful shows across 17 countries with over 30 years’ experience. We have some of the best trucks and drivers who are all excited to visit India and do some crazy stunts ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.”

On bringing the American monster truck experience to India, Dale Rev Prochnov, president, American Monster Truck Association said, “India is a fascinating and colorful country, we are very delighted to finally come over to India. We will be creating a lot of customized content and formats keeping the Indian market in mind. We will have some of the best trucks which are over 12 feet high and weigh upto 5 tons which will be driven by the worlds wildest and most experienced drivers and I am sure people from all walks of life and all age groups will be amazed seeing these mammoth mean machines doing some crazy stunts. We have worked on every single aspect of building an India showcase tour for over a year with our Indian partners and feel we are now ready to create something which is going to be unique, special and exciting experience for all.”

The exact format of the show along with the list of activities will be announced early next year.

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