Artem Energy announces development of its first e-scooter, the Artem M9

Artem Energy announces development of its first e-scooter, the Artem M9

Artem M9

Artem Energy Future Pvt Ltd has made an ambitious announcement regarding its first product, an electric scooter christened the Artem M9, which is currently in development. The company claims that the scooter will have a range of 100km on a single charge with a top speed of 90kmph. It is claimed to sprint to 50kmph from standstill in 6 seconds. The company has not revealed any technical details of the e-scooter. The e-scooter also comes with an on-board fast charging equipment while the batteries can also be swapped.

Rajat Arya, founder and CEO of Artem Energy says, “Range anxiety is a key factor against the adoption of electric vehicles. With the M9, we mitigate this by cracking that psychological barrier of 100kms of range, as well as provide the flexibility of charging or swapping, as is convenient.”

Safety is paramount

Safety is taken as a priority here, as the e-scooter comes with a long list of safety features like rider assistance systems, blindspot warning system, auto cancelling indicators, collision alert and emergency braking. The emergency braking in the scooter makes use of the company’s ‘Electro Dynamic Braking’ technology that uses reverse traction force to haul the scooter reducing brake wear. Proximity warnings are notified to the rider via a smart helmet and via vibrations on the handlebar.  In case of an accident, the M9 sends automated text messages and calls to 5 pre-defined numbers, along with notifications to a centralised call centre and a local emergency response authority.

From a bootstrapped company to a Series-A funding in process

Another scooter in the pipeline is the M9-A and it will have radar based assistance for a 100 metre radius.  A mass-market electric scooter M6 is also in the works. The company has not revealed any details regarding the launch and other technical details of the e-scooters. The e-scooter segment is getting hot with the number of start-ups springing in a short duration of time in the country, all promising scooters that will be fun to ride as well as offering a decent range, which is the key parameter that will favour the electric scooters over their IC engined counterparts. Artem Energy was incorporated in 2016 and they operated as a skunkworks team for 7 years before that. Currently they have a Series-A funding status in process, before which they were operating as a bootstrapped company.

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