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Aston Martin teases its first ever electric vehicle

Aston Martin teases its first ever electric vehicle

By Ganesh Murthy

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Aston Martin teases its first ever electric vehicle

Along with a couple of teaser images, Aston Martin has also released the technical details of its first ever battery electric vehicle. The Aston Martin Rapide E will have two electric motors which produce a combined power output of 601bhp and a whopping 950Nm, all sent to the rear wheels!  An 800V battery system with 65kWh installed capacity using over 5600 lithium ion 18650 format cylindrical cells are used to store energy and the system occupies the place of engine, gearbox and fuel tank of the car. Aston Martin claims the range of the Rapide E to be more than 320km on a single charge under the WLTP test cycle. The company is projecting a top speed of 250kmph for the Rapide E. The car will be limited to only 155 units though.

Aston Martin has collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering for the design and engineering of the powertrain. Both companies are also working on the cooling system for the battery and the electric motors for extracting the best performance. Light weight alloys, carbon fibre and other weight saving materials will also be used. Charging can be done using a 400V 50kW charger (which gives a range of 297km after charging for an hour) and when charged using an 800V outlet that delivers 100kW or more, the 800V battery system allows for faster charging times (nearly 500km of range after charging for an hour) according to the company.

The company says that the supercar will be aerodynamic and the wheels are aerodynamically designed as well. The Pirelli P Zero tyres promise very low rolling resistance while not compromising on the dynamics. Aston Martin aims to retain the characteristics of the 6-litre V12 powered Rapide S by tweaking the damper settings and by introducing a limited slip differential for the rear wheels.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin said, “Environmental responsibility and sustainability is a global challenge faced by us all. As a career automotive engineer, I’m proud that the car industry is leading the way in finding long-term solutions and reducing harmful emissions. As Aston Martin’s CEO, I take particular satisfaction working with Williams Advanced Engineering and our other associated technology partners to bring Rapide E to reality. As our first all-electric production model, Rapide E will fast-track our knowledge and help us ensure the character and high-performance capabilities of our future EV models and enhance the unique qualities found in all Aston Martins as we know them today. Rapide E will also serve as a critical step on our path to re-launching Lagonda as the world’s first zero-emission luxury marque.”

Aston Martin is the latest addition to the list of manufacturers who have turned to electrification after Mercedes-Benz and Audi revealed their plan for electric mobility. It will be interesting to see major car marques slug it out when it comes to electric technology, which is currently dominated by Tesla. First deliveries of the Rapide E will take place sometime in the second half of 2019.