Ather Energy rolls out another over the air update for customers

The update adds some much-requested features, including a dark mode, as well as better functionality
Ather adds a dark mode as an update to its UI
Ather adds a dark mode as an update to its UIAther 450

Ather Energy is one of the few companies in the automotive space that provides over the air updates, in fact this latest one is their seventh one to date. With each update the functionality, responsiveness and reliability of the electric scooter has improved and the latest update is no different. It adds a dark mode to the interface, a more responsive keyboard, and the ability to save previous riding modes.

Configuring dark mode on Ather 450
Configuring dark mode on Ather 450

The dark mode can be manually selected from the settings menu or users can set it to ‘Auto’ and the system will switch on the dark theme between 6 PM and 6 AM. The ‘Save previous riding mode’ feature automatically selects the last used riding mode on the dashboard so you don’t have to switch unless you want to. Ather has made some other fixes and enhancements to their UI, like updating the on-screen keyboard to make it more responsive.

Ather 450 dark mode

Offering these OTA updates certainly differentiates Ather from other two-wheeler companies in the market. It echoes something we are used to with our smartphones, and more car and two-wheeler companies should bring out these updates for their vehicles. A car or a two-wheeler is a long-term investment and unlike others that will keep getting outdated, the Ather 450 and 450X will keep improving, up until a certain period of time atleast.

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