Audi E-tron GT Concept teased – life’s about to get tricky for the Tesla Model S

Audi E-tron GT Concept teased – life’s about to get tricky for the Tesla Model S

Audi has teased a revealing set of images of its all-electric E-tron GT. The low, sleek four-door coupe is due to be revealed in full at the LA Motor Show, but until then this mildly disguised car gives us plenty to talk about. Although Audi has named this car as a concept, production-like wing mirrors and door handles both point towards this being more production ready than you might expect.

It only takes one look at the low four-door body to reveal that the E-tron GT will likely be based on the same MEB platform that will underpin the upcoming Porsche Taycan. The proportional similarities between the Porsche and this E-tron GT are uncanny, sharing the same low, wide, cab-back profile and long wheelbase.

Try to peer past the patterned body wrap and the E-tron’s more complex Marc Lichte-penned design shines through too, with defined haunches over all four wheels mirroring the approach taken on the new A7. The nose also apes current Audi models, although rather than framing a vast open grille, the single-frame merely acts as another graphic containing a more closed-in nose dictated by the E-tron’s quest for a low drag figure. Either side are two large wheel vents, likely creating an air curtain over the front arches, meanwhile horizontal slats seem to reference the early Audi R8.

Follow the sloping roofline towards the rear and you’ll see a more rounded tail, dominated by an aggressive set of lighting graphics and the now familiar rear light bar treatment. The large wheels should also remain for the production car.

A fourth and final image was also released, showing the graphics set to feature inside the headlights. The units are typically made up from a complex pattern of LED lighting forming its signature, but look closely and you’ll spot a small, blue perspex section, pointing towards a possible application of laser lighting elements as found in other high specification Audi models like the A7, A8 and R8.

The E-tron GT will join Audi as its second all-electric model following the debut of the E-tron SUV earlier this year. Unlike that car, which takes much of it’s chassis and interior tech from other MLB-evo platform SUVs in the Audi range. However, as mentioned before this GT has been built on the VW Group’s bespoke MEB electric car platform, hence its dramatic proportions.

This E-tron GT, as with the Porsche Taycan, will approach a sector of the market that has so far been dominated by Tesla and the Model S. It comes as little surprise then to see Audi making an audacious move by revealing the new E-tron GT in not only home nation of Tesla, but indeed the very state. We’ll find out more tomorrow when the E-tron GT is revealed in full alongside plenty of other world debuts at the Los Angeles motor show

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