Audi Grandsphere concept unveiled
The Audi Grandsphere concept car is a proper four-door futuristic luxury electric sedanAudi AG

Audi Grandsphere concept unveiled

The Audi Grandsphere is the second of the three ‘sphere’ concept cars to be unveiled, and gives a peek into what a future Audi flagship sedan could look like

We started off with a Transformers reference when we previously reported the Audi Skysphere concept unveil. Unlike the Skysphere, the Audi Grandsphere concept does not have the ability to ‘transform’ itself, but it retains Level 4 Autonomous driving, along with a few of tricks of its own which we’ll get to in a bit.

The Audi Grandsphere concept comes from the ‘sphere’ family of concept cars, with the Skysphere being the first of the three that was unveiled at the Monterey Car Week earlier, and the Urbansphere which will be revealed later in 2022.

The Audi Grandsphere concept is a four-door futuristic luxury sedan, unlike the Skysphere which reimagines what a future luxury sportscar could look like. The hexagonal ‘grille’ of the Grandsphere is not as gigantic as the Skysphere, nor is it backlit, thus making it look a bit more like a conventional luxury car when viewed from the front. It does not get a B-pillar, which means both doors open in opposite directions, resembling a suicide door setup. It is from the rear that the Grandsphere does not look anything like a sedan at all. Instead, the rear end of the car gets Sportback design cues. At 5350mm, the Audi Grandsphere concept is also longer than the long-wheelbase Audi A8 which measures 5302mm.

The trump card of the Audi Grandsphere concept has to be its interiors, which are completely devoid of any screens, but instead get projectors that will display all the necessary information on the wooden surfaces present under the windshield. The steering wheel and pedals retract themselves in Autonomous mode, while the projection display can also be used as screens for navigation, music, and video-conferencing. There’s also a cooler equipped with two glasses and a bottle between the front seats to enjoy some wi…. water!

The Audi Grandsphere concept produces a total output of 710bhp and 960Nm
The Audi Grandsphere concept produces a total output of 710bhp and 960Nm Audi AG

The Grandsphere concept is underpinned by what Audi calls the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and gets quattro all-wheel drive. It is powered by two electric motors placed on each axle which produce a combined total output of 710bhp and 960Nm. Like the Skysphere, the Grandsphere is also capable of sprinting from 0-100kmph in just 4 seconds. It houses a 120kWh battery pack which gets a range of 750 kilometres on a single charge, and it also receives an 800V charging system which will be compatible with 270kW chargers. Audi claims that a 5 to 80 per cent charge will take less than 25 minutes.

The Audi Grandsphere concept gets Sportback design cues at the rear
The Audi Grandsphere concept gets Sportback design cues at the rear Audi AG

Audi seems well prepared for the electric future, having announced its plans for electric-only launches from 2026. This will be followed by the gradual phasing out of its internal-combustion engines by 2033. Not to mention the e-tron which is already in their lineup. The Sphere family concept is Audi’s way of showcasing not just what future luxury Audi products could look like, but it also gives us a peek into the technology that could possibly be incorporated in future Audi products.

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