Audi brings back the rear-wheel drive R8 for 2020

Audi brings back the rear-wheel drive R8 for 2020

Inspired by the success of the 2018 R8 RWS, Audi has now decided to give the RWD variant of the R8 a permanent place in its line-up

Audi has unveiled the rear-wheel drive version of its R8 sportscar internationally. Unlike the 2018 limited production Rear Wheel Series (RWS) R8, the rear-wheel-drive R8 will be a production version and be permanently reinstated within the R8 model line-up. According to Audi, the amount of interest that the RWS (only 999 cars produced) generated in 2018 acted as the impetus for the 2020 R8 RWD.

Available in a coupe and cabriolet, the RWD loses 55kg compared to the quattro R8 thanks to the lack of the AWD bits like the prop shaft and transfer case. It gets the same naturally aspirated 5.2-litre TFSI engine, but with lower peak power and torque outputs at 532bhp and 540Nm respectively (the quattro makes 611bhp and 580Nm). The rear-wheel-drive car also has a lower top speed of 318kmph compared to the quatto’s 331kmph. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100kmph in 3.7s. With a 40:60 weight distribution, a mechanical LSD and the electronic stability control system that allows for a certain amount of playfulness, this R8 should allow a skilled driver to indulge in some tail-happy driving.

On the outside, the R8’s design is slightly tweaked. The elements on the front end including the air inlets and splitter are wider, while the rear is slightly broader too. You can tell apart the RWD from the other variants with the sideblades: the top blade is finished in gloss black while the bottom blade is body-coloured. On the inside, the RWD logo inset in the dash differentiates it from the standard car. It also has a new colour called Kemora Grey added to the current palette.

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