Auto Expo: DC TCA showcased

Auto Expo: DC TCA showcased

DC showcased its newest car, the TCA at the Auto Expo 2018. It is the latest creation from Dilip Chhabria and is nothing short of a stunner. The Avanti has had its share of success and with the TCA, DC takes things to a new level. What you see is what you get and the TCA is a luxurious offering from the company. Sonakshi Sinha unveiled the ‘DC TCA’ and the car evoked jaw dropping reactions from the people hording the DC pavilion.

‘TCA’, an abbreviation for ‘Titanium, Carbon and Aluminium’, is the latest creation from Dilip Chhabria and is a showstopper to say the least and is as aesthetically pleasing as the Avanti. The bespoke  car is the brainchild of Dilip Chhabria and the passion that resonates through his unique design creations. After the success of India’s first and only supercar – the Avanti, the DC TCA is all set to captivate the Indian customers with acclaimed European aesthetic sensibilities of sophistication and refinement.

The vehicle is powered by a Euro 6, 3.8-litre V6 which puts out 315bhp and is mated to a six-speed automatic. The TCA draws inspiration from La Ferrari and the Pagani Zonda and offers a futuristic design and luxurious interiors aided by the use of exotic materials. There’s a new-age infotainment system and instrument console meant to offer the Indian supercar buyer cutting-edge technology and all the gadgetry that he/she could fancy.

Addressing the press conference Mr. Dilip Chhabria, Chairman and Managing Director, DC Design Pvt Ltd said, “The ‘DC TCA’ is an aspirational car and we are confident the Indian consumer will accept it very well. The customized sports car market in India is constantly evolving to cater to the burgeoning aspirations of the new breed of go-getters. There is a lot of interest for customized and signature vehicles, a niche that is constantly progressing. We, at DC Design share a passion to create cars that can push the limit and are an amalgamation of aesthetic opulence that would be the gold standard of design automation excellence in India.”

A short glimpse into the history of DC Design:

DC Design was founded in 1993 with the dual aim of redesigning and customizing mass-market cars to create one-of-a-kind automotive beauties for automotive connoisseurs as well as offering design and prototyping services to the OEM automotive sector. And a legend was born. DCD has produced more than 800 unique design cars; from supercars to a complete re-haul of the humble Ambassador. Over the years, DC Design has grown from a customizing company to an OEM. The TCA is the second production from the DCD stable, first one being the legendary Avanti.  DCD has also provided design and prototyping services to the likes of Aston Martin, Renault and GM. Today DCD also designs and refurbishes aircraft interiors. DCD is now synonymous with bespoke luxury and avant-garde automotive design.

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