Steps to get the driving licence
Steps to get the driving licenceAutomated Driving Test Centers in Delhi Maruti Suzuki

Completely Automated Driving Test Centers in Delhi

Maruti Suzuki invests 20 crores towards making driving license system more transparent and more efficient

Maruti Suzuki, in a joint initiative with the Department of Transport, Delhi, has taken a big leap towards using technology to automate the process of testing, issuing of driving licenses and encouraging driving training amongst applicants. For the first time, completely automated tests will be conducted without any manual intervention with the first test center having been inaugurated on March 6, 2019.

In total there are going to be 12 automated driving test centers spread across the Delhi, but till now only 4 test tracks have been automated. The automated driving test centers have the capacity of conducting 300 tests per day and are equipped with scientifically-designed test tracks with advanced technology including multiple high-definition cameras to assess applicants against 20 essential driving skills which are in line with the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) as mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.


Complete test track
Complete test trackAutomated Driving Test Centers in Delhi

Starting with the process of getting a permanent license, first, any person who has a learner’s license can apply online for the driving test slots at the automated driving test centers, where a date and time will be allotted to the applicant to go through a biometric validation and document verification process. Next, the applicant can seek help at the training facility for understanding the process and flow of the driving tests. For ensuring an efficient and convenient process, only the applicant and their vehicle are allowed on the track. According to the rules if the applicant fails to clear any particular stage then he/she will be assisted to exit the track; the track has multiple exits to minimize intrusion from any other applicant. Furthermore, the use of high-definition cameras, real-time videos and instant results all help in getting accurate and consistent results, making the new driving license process more efficient, transparent and convenient.

For acquiring the four-wheeler license the applicant will have to beat the reverse parallel parking, up-gradient, figure of eight, reverse-S, traffic junction and H-Track tests. But for the first time, an overtaking test track has been introduced. Similarly, for acquiring a two-wheeler license the applicant will have to drive around a sharply twisting track to showcase their maneuvering skills, along with being judged on their emergency braking and straight ramp skills, all of which have also been introduced for the first time.

Locations across Delhi
Locations across DelhiAutomated Driving Test Centers in Delhi

The automated test centres will be spread across Delhi in the following areas: Mayur Vihar, Shakur Basti, Vishwas Nagar, Sarai Kale Khan, Rohini, Hari Nagar, Burari, Jharoda Kalan, Loni Road, Raja Garden, Dwarka and Lado Sarai.

Speaking about the new testing facilities, Ajay Kumar Tomer, executive director, corporate planning, Maruti Suzuki, said, “The use of high-resolution cameras, real-time video, instant results, online registration, all together make the entire process much more convenient and efficient. These also help to get accurate and consistent results.”

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