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Bentley premieres new short film to highlight century old success story

Bentley premieres new short film to highlight century old success story

By Suvrat Kothari

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Bentley premieres new short film to highlight century old success story

All car enthusiasts who drool over the style and power of the Bentley stable can take a moment to celebrate the iconic British luxury carmaker’s entry into its 100th year by watching the marque’s brand new film. The short film, titled ‘Together we are extraordinary: The Story of Bentley Motors’, showcases the century-long heritage of the company founded by W O Bentley on July 10, 1919.

The film briefly portrays the company’s journey right from its foundation up to the new Continental GT while highlighting important events from the previous decades. The marque says that the film was made using Hollywood standard motion graphic technology and 3D scanning to turn real-life actors into metal sculptures. The brand also states that the film was produced by Oscar-winning visual-effects company, The Mill. Right from its Continental GT series to the new Bentayga SUV, Bentley has always kept its fanbase entertained by rolling out exciting cars. So congratulations, Bentley for achieving this amazing feat.

Below is the detailed press release from Bentley Motors followed by the film

(New Delhi, 12th July 2018): Bentley Motors, founded on 10th July 1919 enters its 100th year of creating the world’s most iconic Grand Tourers and the British luxury brand is honouring decades of innovation, achievement and craftsmanship by releasing a short film ‘Together we are extraordinary: The Story of Bentley Motors’.

From W.O. Bentley himself, right up to the new Continental GT, the film touches upon the extraordinary characters, sporting achievements and successful models through the decades.

The film uses a striking combination of 3D-scanned actors turned into digital ‘metal’ sculptures; stylised archive imagery; and Hollywood-grade motion graphic technology to tell the company’s story.

It begins with W.O. Bentley touching an aluminium paperweight (the inspiration for his revolutionary aluminium piston design) to a wall which then comes to life, taking the viewer on an engaging journey across Bentley’s near-century of innovation and success.

The legendary Bentley Boys and Girls star, as do the Le Mans-winning ‘Blower’ and Speed 8, alongside Woolf Barnato during his famous race against the ‘Blue Train’. The film is also inspired by the shapes, surfaces and luxurious materials that have made it the enduring automotive brand it is today.

Shot using 4k ALEXA Mini camera technology and bespoke rigs, the film was  produced by Oscar-winning visual effects company, The Mill

Commenting on the feat, Satya Bagla, Managing Director, Exclusive Motors, official partner of the brand in India,  said: “It has been the quintessential super luxury automobile brand providing best in class driving experience since last hundred years. We take pride to be associated with such a brand that has entered into its centenary year of creating extraordinary automobiles. The new film launched on the company’s story showcases its unrivalled craftsmanship, stunning attention to detail and astonishing performance that has made the marque an epitome of luxury in the automobile world. We are looking forward to a much more exciting time ahead defining luxury and delivering amazing creations.”