2022 TVS iQube launched with three variants, prices start at ₹98,564

TVS has updated the iQube electric scooter with new variants, more colours and increased range
The TVS iQube gets a deserved update
The TVS iQube gets a deserved updateTVS

The TVS iQube is one of the most credible entries in the currently under fire (pun intended) electric scooter segment, rivalling the Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro and the Bajaj Chetak. Now, TVS has updated the electric scooter with three new variants, 10 more colours and increased range. Read on to find out what has changed.

2022 TVS iQube design

There are now more than 10 colour options
There are now more than 10 colour optionsTVS

The TVS iQube has always had a distinct, robotic aesthetic to its design, and with the new update, not much has changed. However, the biggest addition is that of two new variants. The iQube is now available in base, S variant and ST variant. There are 10 new colour options for the electric scooter, which is a massive improvement from the white colour that was the only option available before. The storage space is also much larger. While the base and S variants get a 17-litre storage box, the ST variants gets a massive 31-litres, which TVS claims will hold two helmets at once.

2022 TVS iQube powertrain and performance

The battery has increasde in size, so has the range
The battery has increasde in size, so has the rangeTVS

For 2022, the TVS iQube gets a new battery with 21,700 li-on cells, which is an improvement from the 14,700 cell unit available before. With the rise in battery capacity comes a rise in range, and TVS are claiming a real world range of 100km for the base and S variants, and a truly impressive 140km for the top-spec ST variant. The iQube still gets the 4.4kWh hub electric motor that can power the scooter to a top speed of 78kmph for the base and S variants, and 82kmph for the ST variants. TVS has also given the scooter software tweaks that help acceleration in the city as well as prevent accidental acceleration. The battery is rated for IP67 and AIS 156 certification for water, dust and shock protection.

2022 TVS iQube features

The Display gets a host of new abilities
The Display gets a host of new abilitiesTVS

The update has made the TVS iQube one of the most feature-loaded electric scooters on the market today. The biggest change is to the instrument cluster. While the base variant gets a 5-inch digital display, the S and ST variants both get 7-inch instrument clusters with a five-way joystick control and Alexa connectivity. The ST variant also gets a touchscreen on its display as an added benefit. To add even more pizzazz to the mixture (something which is needed, considering the features that Ather and Ola have on their scooters), TVS has added customisation features to its instrument cluster’s UI, including the ability to change themes and wallpapers. There are even more connectivity features, such as live tracking and emergency alerts.

2022 TVS iQube pricing

The TVS iQube is priced very near its rivals
The TVS iQube is priced very near its rivalsTVS

With two new variants, the TVS iQube also gets a change in price. The base variant now starts at ₹98,564 (on-road, Delhi), with the S variant going up to ₹1.08 lakh (on-road, Delhi). Note that these prices are including the subsidies that the State of Delhi provides for electric vehicles, and might be higher depending on your state. The ST variant has a booking amount of ₹999, but TVS has not revealed its full pricing yet. TVS also announced its plans to expand its dealership network with 52 more dealerships over the next year in 33 new cities, bringing the total up to 85 dealerships. Bookings for the new TVS iQube are open, and deliveries will start immediately, including for the ST variant.

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