2022 Yamaha MT-10
2022 Yamaha MT-10Yamaha

2022 Yamaha MT-10 unveiled

Apart from its compliance with Euro5 emission norms, the 998cc engine on the Yamaha MT-10 makes more power

Yamaha has given its flagship naked motorcycle, the MT-10, a refresh for the model year 2022. The update incorporates Euro 5 compliance of its 1-litre engine and styling changes to keep things fresh. Read on to know more about what's new in, 2022 Yamaha MT-10.

Yamaha MT-10 design

Yamaha claims the new exhaust is more pleasing to ears
Yamaha claims the new exhaust is more pleasing to earsYamaha

The MT-10 is the naked version of Yamaha’s mighty R1. But it is not just the stripped version of its fully-faired sibling, Yamaha has done a pretty neat job to make the MT-10 look the part. And with this update, it looks even angrier thanks to the new lighting. Other than that, they have also tweaked the tail section to make it cleaner. Every update in styling has played its part to make the motorcycle more aggressive.

Yamaha MT-10 engine

The engine of the MT-10 produces 5bhp more and uses lighter components
The engine of the MT-10 produces 5bhp more and uses lighter componentsYamaha

The 998cc, four-cylinder crossplane engine gets a major update and now it produces 5bhp more to 163bhp and 1Nm more to 112Nm. The efficiency of the engine is further improved with lightweight forged aluminium pistons and offset conrods. However, for the MT-10, Yamaha has replaced the R1's titanium conrods with steel ones. The engine mapping has also been tweaked a little bit thanks to the airbox with varying lengths and cross-sections. Thanks to this, it has a higher torque boost in the midrange of 4000-8000rpm.

Yamaha MT-10 chassis and equipment

The chassis hardware remains to be the same as the outgoing model. Meaning, the KYB suspension from the standard MT-10 is retained, as are the R1-derived brake calipers. But now it has a new Brembo radial master cylinder for the front brake. In terms of electronics, it borrows a few of those from the R1. Like the 4.2-inch colour TFT screen. Apart from that, the bike now has a new six-axis IMU quickshifter as standard.

Yamaha MT-10 availability

The updated MT-10 will be launched worldwide next year, in 2022. While there is no word on whether Yamaha is going to launch it in India, despite the naked motorcycle segment is gaining traction, the chances for the MT-10 heading towards us are rather slim.

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