California Superbike School UK goes into liquidation
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California Superbike School UK goes into liquidation

Organisers blame the falling number of students as well as the overall financial slowdown due to Brexit

Sudipto Chaudhury

The UK chapter of the California Superbike School has ceased trading and faces liquidation. The training programme, which imparted crucial motorcycling skills from their base at the Silverstone circuit, has shut after a 22-year tenure. The organisers have blamed a gradual reduction in the number of attendees, as well as the overall slowdown in the UK economy.

Further, the school has also issued a statement to students saying they will be unable to refund any payments already issued for future sessions, and that there are chances of a new company taking over the daily functioning of the school.

However, the school has also pointed out that their current financial status has no bearing on the larger brand (California Superbike School Inc, USA) and that other than acting as a franchise for the larger brand, CSS UK is financially unrelated to CSS USA.

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