Honda unveils 12 new motorcycles for the model year 2022-2023

Honda has unveiled 12 new models for the next two years, many of which are destined for India
Honda is also celebrating 30 years of the Fireblade
Honda is also celebrating 30 years of the FirebladeHonda

Honda Motorcycles has gone the whole hog and unveiled 12 new models for the coming two years! The announcement includes an anniversary variant of its iconic litre-class superbike, the CBR1000RR Fireblade. Honda is celebrating 30 years of the original Fireblade’s introduction, the 1992 CBR900RR. Other announcements include the middleweight sportbike, the CBR650R and its naked version, the CB650R. Honda also announced new versions of its moped, the Trail 125 and a maxi-scooter, the PCX. Here’s what we know about these new motorcycles.


Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP
Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SPHonda

Honda’s iconic litre-class superbike, the Fireblade, has been given a fresh lick of paint and some new enhancements to celebrate 30 years of its production, a line that stretches back to the original Fireblade, the CBR900RR from 1992. The Fireblade comes with a new white, red and blue colour scheme, the Honda Racing Corporation colours that also hark back to the paint options available on the original model. The new motorcycle packs the 1000cc inline-four engine with technology derived from MotoGP, which produces 215bhp at 14,500rpm and a peak torque figure of 112Nm at 12,500rpm. For the anniversary, the bike has been given enhancements that focus on mid-corner acceleration, which means elements of the engine including the intake port and exhaust have been overhauled to provide more mid-range power. The new model will be available starting from July, although there is no confirmation of availability in India. The regular Honda CBR10000RR Fireblade starts at ₹24 lakh in India.

2022 CBR650R

Honda CBR650R
Honda CBR650RHonda

The middleweight champion of Honda’s superbike range, the CBR650R has been given some slight modifications, the most important of which includes the new Showa separate function big piston fork. The high-revving 648cc inline-four engine delivers 86bhp at 12000RPM and 57.5Nm of peak torque at 8500RPM. The bike comes standard with ABS. The new bike will be available in August of this year. In India, the CBR650R starts at a price of ₹9.4 lakh.

2022 CB650R

Honda CB650R
Honda CB650RHonda

One of the most popular 'beginner' big bikes in India, the CB650R remains with the same neo-retro design aesthetic that has been a big draw for the bike in the country. Featuring the same engine as its faired sibling, the CBR650R, Honda’s middleweight naked bike has also been given the new Showa separate function big piston fork and ABS as standard. The new model will be available from September of this year. In India, the CB650R starts at a price point of ₹8.7 lakh.

2022 PCX

Honda PCX
Honda PCXHonda

Honda has a history of making maxi-scooters that take inspiration from its top dog, the Goldwing. The PCX is no different, with a 160cc four-valve engine that produces 15.5bhp power. For 2022, the PCX gets an optional ABS system on the front wheels. Honda had earlier promised to bring the Forza 300 maxi-scooter to India, although it was only brought in as a proof of concept with only four units. With the rise of maxi-scooters in India like the Aprilia SXR160 and the Yamaha Aerox 155, we would love to see Honda take the plunge and give us the PCX!

2023 Grom

Honda Grom
Honda GromHonda

The Grom, has been given an overhaul with a new, simpler design and an optional ABS system. It also has replaceable panels that allow for maximum customisation and personalisation. With a 125cc engine and a five-speed ‘box, the hooning potential of the motorcycle is unlimited, and we wish Honda would bring it to India!

2022 Trail 125

Honda Trail 125
Honda Trail 125Honda

What we call a moped, Honda spruces up and calls a mini-moto. The Trail 125 has been an international legend for decades and now gets more serious with off-road-focused upgrades that allow you to take the bike on any road you find. It comes with a 125cc engine and minor styling changes to the user swappable body panels. True to its name, Honda says the Trail 125 is meant for trekking and light off-road usage.

2023 Ruckus

Honda Ruckus
Honda RuckusHonda

The final mini-moto in the Honda lineup is the Honda Ruckus, which is a fully customisable moped that allows the owner to change every body panel. For 2023, the Ruckus also gets some minor styling changes to the body panels. It has an exposed frame, dual headlights and a variety of bright colours that Honda says appeal to its young customers.

Dual Sport motorcycle lineup

Honda XR650L
Honda XR650LHonda

Honda unveiled updates to three dual-sport motorcycles in its lineup. The first model, the 2022 CRF300L, is meant as an entry-level dual-sport motorcycle that beginners can use to start their competition journey. The bike also comes with ABS as standard. The second model is an upgrade of the same motorcycle called the 2022 CRF300L RALLY, which true to its name has several rally-focused upgrades. These include hand-guards, more fuel capacity and a larger windscreen. Honda says the Rally variant is meant for touring and commuting rather than competition. The flagship of Honda’s dual-sport range, the XR650L receives a styling update for this year, but no big mechanical changes. The old model was starting to look dated, so a styling update is much appreciated.

Trials motorcycles from Montesa

Montesa-COTA Honda 4RT260R
Montesa-COTA Honda 4RT260RHonda

Honda unveiled two new trials motorcycles from its brand Montesa, which are immensely successful in the trial sports market. The first, a 259cc model called the Montesa COTA 4RT260R gets a switch to Showa suspension and a larger muffler. The second model is the most competition focused model in the lineup, the Montesa COTA 4RT301RR RACE REPLICA, powered by a 298cc engine. The model comes in a new white Repsol livery and is intended only for track use.

The new range of Honda motorcycles celebrates Honda in all its strengths, and while we in India are getting the top dogs, with the Fireblade and the 650 twins, the potential that the excellent PCX and Grom have in the country cannot be ignored. We hope Honda listens to us and brings them to the country!

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