The Stealth Edition range.
The Stealth Edition range.Triumph

Triumph unveils 2024 range of Bonneville Stealth Editions, prices start at Rs 9.09 lakh

The range includes five motorcycles and the bikes will be on sale for a year

Triumph has unveiled the Bonneville Stealth Edition motorcycles at IBW along with the launch of the updated Tiger range. The Stealth Edition range includes five Bonneville models, starting at Rs 9.09 lakh – two models of T120, the Speed Twin 900, the Speed Twin 1200, and the Scrambler 900. Since these models are all hand-painted, Triumph claims that subtle variations lead to each model being unique.

Bonneville T120 Blue Stealth Edition

Triumph’s much-loved Bonneville comes with a blue shade on the tank. As standard the bike comes with 41mm front forks and preload adjustable rear shocks. It employs a 1200cc engine which generates 79bhp and 105Nm of torque. It’s priced at Rs 11.89 lakh which is around Rs 50,000 more expensive than the standard T120 model colours.

Triumph T120 Blue Stealth Edition.
Triumph T120 Blue Stealth Edition.Triumph

Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition

The Black Stealth Edition offers a dark silver matte shade on the tank. But in this particular motorcycle, the black treatment extends to the engine, exhaust, fenders, handlebar, mirrors, headlight housing and exhaust. Additionally, the T120 Black Stealth Edition also gets brown seats. Similar to the T120 Blue Stealth, the Black Stealth also demands an ex-showroom price of Rs 11.89 lakh.

Triumph T120 Black Stealth Edition.
Triumph T120 Black Stealth Edition.Triumph

Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition

Triumph claims that the ‘green shade’ on the Twin 900 Stealth Edition has been Inspired by the famed ‘British Racing Green’. The Speed Twin gets features like multiple riding modes, Brembo brakes and switchable traction control. This is the most affordable bike in the Stealth Edition range and comes at Rs 9.09 lakh (ex-showroom).

Triumph Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition.
Triumph Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition.Triumph

Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition

The 1200 comes as the elder sibling to the Speed Twin 900 and gets improved suspension, and grippier tyres as part of the package. It has the Bonneville 1200 engine which is rated for 99bhp. The Stealth Edition offers a candy red shade and is priced at Rs 11.89 lakh.

Triumph Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition.
Triumph Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition.Triumph

Scrambler 900 Orange Edition

Triumph will offer the Scrambler 900 in an orange shade as part of the Stealth Edition range. The Scrambler 900 has a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel and a wider handlebar to fit the Scrambler profile. The bike gets knobby tires as standard. The standard Scrambler 900 range starts at Rs 9.59 lakh whereas the Stealth Edition is priced at Rs 10.19 lakh (ex-showroom).

Triumph Scrambler 900 Orange Edition.
Triumph Scrambler 900 Orange Edition.Triumph

Although these bikes come at a premium, Triumph claims that the colours pop out under the sun giving these bikes a special appeal. These are limited-run motorcycles and would only be available for one year. Bookings are open in case you are interested with deliveries expected to begin in March 2024. 

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