BMW India launches a contactless experience to combat the COVID crisis

BMW India launches a contactless experience to combat the COVID crisis

BMW’s contactless experience is an end-to-end digital solution from the German manufacturer to tackle the sale of its vehicles to potential customers.

BMW India has introduced its first contactless experience that offers digital purchase options to potential customers. This initiative has been introduced by BMW in an effort to deal with the current Covid19 crisis. The whole aim is to offer the customer a showroom experience without making them leave their living rooms.

BMW is offering a real-time immersive experience that lets you check out all the various BMW models on offer. Customers just have to visit the BMW online shop and sign in and create a profile and then check out the car they want to view or purchase. Once they have made up their mind about the specifications and trim levels, they can order the car online after they complete a few formalities. The next step is to select a dealership ideally suited to the customer’s location and the dealership will help customers with all their queries related to the product via a remote call.

Once customers are satisfied with all these initial steps they can proceed to buy the car online where the car will come delivered to them. Even for the delivery process, BMW has gone through all measures to sanitise the whole experience and at the time of delivery, all the documents are handed over to the customers in a sanitised envelope. More and more manufacturers will have to adopt such measures and introduce more digital ways of buying cars online especially during these quarantine times.

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