BMW presents the Power BEV at NEXTGen19

BMW presents the Power BEV at NEXTGen19

The BMW group displayed the Power BEV trial vehicle at the NEXTGen19. The Power BEV is based on a current production 5 Series. It uses three fifth-generation electric drive units (motors) that have a maximum combined output of 710bhp and propels the car to 100kmph in under three seconds.

The system is designed such that one motor is fit on the front axle and the remaining two are mounted on the rear axle and are controlled separately and adds the functionality of e-torque vectoring. BMW says that the car has been designed such that not only does it offer maniacal straight line speeds but is also extremely at home around the corners as well. BMW also claims that the e-torque vectoring system is more effective than a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) as it allows actively targeted inputs based on the driving scenario.

These electric motors will make their production debut with the BMW iX3, which will have one of the motors instead of the three used in the Power BEV.

The project has given the engineers at BMW to study all effective ways of implementing these electric motors and has also opened a series of new possibilities with the e-torque vectoring system.

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