BMW Group plans over 30 billion euros on future-oriented technologies up to 2025
BMW Group plans over 30 billion euros on future-oriented technologies up to 2025BMW all-electric 7 series

BMW seven series will now come in an all-electric version

Offering the ‘Power of choice’ to the customers is the BMW group’s new motive

With the shift towards electric mobility that all the automotive companies are making, BMW has also decided to join the fray, albeit with its flagship 7 Series luxury sedan. The upcoming 7 Series will provide the customers a wide range of powertrains to choose from, shifting their focus towards sustainable mobility.

BMW claims that by the year 2023, it will introduce more than 25 electrified models, which in essence means more than half its lineup. The brand’s aim is to have a highly flexible production system allowing it to churn out models which are fully-electric, plug-in hybrid or even with a combustion engine. BMW’s focus will be on providing the ‘Power of Choice’ to its customers and will do so by offering all four powertrain options to its customers.

BMW has predicted that by 2021 the demand for the electrified vehicles will double as compared with the year 2019 and believes they will see a steep growth in their vehicle sales figures, with them growing by 30 per cent (globally) on an average per annum. Hence, it will be interesting to see this much-needed new shift in terms of the requirement for conserving renewable resources, which will ultimately only make our lives better, and it is yet to be seen what more the BMW group comes up with over the next few years.

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