The 789bhp Brabus 800 Adventure XLP is a Mercedes-AMG G63 pickup
The 789bhp Brabus 800 Adventure XLP is a Mercedes-AMG G63 pickupBrabus 800 Adventure XLP

Brabus showcases 800 Adventure XLP

The Brabus 800 Adventure XLP gets a powerful twin-turbo V8 and a pickup bed at the back

Brabus makes some really crazy cars, they always have — think of the Brabus Rocket 900 that takes a ‘standard’ V12 S-Class and tunes it to make 887bhp and 1500Nm of torque. Yup, they don’t mess around with anything that could be called sane. The latest in this long line of craziness is the 800 Adventure XLP.

It uses a slightly modified version of Mercedes-AMG G 63’s chassis and a heavily modified version of its engine. This do-it-all off-roader gets portal axles to give it an astonishing ground clearance and there is even a drone in the options list!

The Brabus 800 Adventure XLP is based on the Mercedes-AMG G 63 underneath, but the boffins at Brabus have extended it by 19-inches to accommodate the pickup bed. It’s 5.31-metres long, making it a whole 27-inches longer than the standard G 63 (excluding the spare wheel mount). The car also gets the Brabus Widestar package which makes the already fairly wide G-Wagen, even wider. It gets portal axles to achieve a ground clearance of 19.2-inches, making this is as capable off the road as it looks which is paired with all-Terrain Pirreli tyres of the 325 section attaining optimum traction.

Brabus that engine  789bhp and 737lb ft of torque
Brabus that engine 789bhp and 737lb ft of torqueBrabus 800 Adventure XLP

Under the hood lies the same 4-litre hot-V V8 that is found in a bunch of other AMG models currently on sale, Brabus takes that engine architecture and tune it all the way up to produce 789bhp and 737lb ft of torque, enough for a 4.8sec 0-100 time and has a restricted top speed of 210kmph.

Along with every optional extra, the Brabus will get a take-off and landing pad for a ‘Wingcopter’ on the rear deck of this pick-up – a drone capable of flying at 241kmph, with the ability to supply aid up to 120 km away. The limited-edition Brabus will be first showcased at the Geneva Motor show and will be available for order.

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