Aren't we all relieved the M2 grills aren't inspired by the M3 and M4?
Aren't we all relieved the M2 grills aren't inspired by the M3 and M4?BMW

2023 BMW M2: The last ICE-powered M2 gets a manual gearbox!

The 2023 BMW M2 will be globally unveiled later this year and promises to be a last hurrah for the iconic sportscar.

The BMW M2 has always been one of the best pocket-rockets from the Boffins at M Division, and now BMW has teased the 2023 iteration of the iconic sportscar. The carmaker has confirmed that this will be the last ICE-powered M2 before the range goes all electric, and here’s what we can expect from the sportscar.

Pocket rocket
Pocket rocketBMW

2023 BMW M2 design

The M2 has always been a sporty looking coupe, and while the wraps will come off the all-new car later this year, the camouflaged images do reveal a smaller and stubbier version of the BMW double kidneys, unlike the M3 and the M4. The M2 will also benefit from a variety of additional equipment choices. For example, there is a carbon roof to save weight while still providing torsional rigidity, while the optional M carbon bucket seats for the driver and passenger emphasise the new BMW M2's racing appearance. You also get 19-inch alloy wheels on the M2, the same size as before, but they’re likely to get a different design. The interiors of the M2 are still under wraps, but from the images, one can observe that the sportscar will now get a slab of digital real estate similar to the newer BMW models.

Can you hear this picture?
Can you hear this picture?BMW

2023 BMW M2 engine
The new M2 will be powered a 3-litre in-line six turbo-petrol from the M3 and the M4, but unlike the earlier M2 which boasted similar engine specs, the new M2 gets a marginal power bump of 4bhp over the older car, taking the total output to 369bhp along with 500Nm of torque. This power will be sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed M Steptronic gearbox, the latter replacing the earlier 7-speed DCT.

Three paddles? They mean business
Three paddles? They mean businessBMW

BMW have confirmed that the 2023 M2 will be the last one powered by an ICE, and the global unveil of the sportscar will take place in October this year, with a launch slated for April next year. And with a manual gearbox? It seems that the petrol-powered pocket-rocket will definitely get the last hurrah that it deserves!

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