The BMW i Vision Circular is the concept that will be manufactured with 100 per cent recyclability
The BMW i Vision Circular is the concept that will be manufactured with 100 per cent recyclabilityBMW

BMW i Vision Circular revealed at Munich Motor Show

Imagined for the year 2040, the BMW i Vision Circular is a luxury car that makes use of recycled and bio-based material

Among many EV concepts unveiled at the IAA 2021, BMW is doubling down with sustainability too by revealing the i Vision Circular. With the vision of the ‘Secondary First’ approach, this 4-meter long EV will be made of 100 per cent recycled material, including the battery pack! And to achieve this target of featuring 100 per cent recycled material, the design concept of the i Vision Circular make use of four mantras — rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.


In terms of design, the i Vision Circular is a massive departure from BMW’s current design language. In the front, it will retain the shape of its iconic kidney grille, but the chrome garnishing makes way for the digital surface merging the headlight with the grille. The digital surface is present at the rear as well with the light functions integrated into the dark glass tailgate. The side profile favours a mono-volume design as indicated by the windscreen which extends to create the roof of the car. This concept design packs everything more efficiently to provide ample cabin space despite being just four meters long.


On the inside, despite the interiors making use of recycled materials and 3D printed parts, it is luxurious and spacious. It can accommodate four adults in its lounge seats shrouded with velvet-like upholstery, which will also be manufactured by recycled plastics. The wooden dashboard will have a 3D printed crystal body to add a futuristic visual depth to the cabin. All relevant information will be displayed on the windscreen via a head-up display and can be customised as per the user’s preference. The steering wheel will be 3D printed by bio-based material and it also has an integrated ‘crystal interface system’ which has ‘phygital pads’ in the reach of the driver’s thumb to operate.

Apart from reimagining the innovative EV design and manufacturing, BMW will also offer the possibility of using its vehicles as a mobile energy storage device to supply power when needed in surroundings like to other buildings and we can assume to charge other EVs also. And BMW claims that this concept car can also feed power back into the grid in peak demand.

The BMW i Vision Concept is the imagination of engineers based on the technological advancements available now, in the present. While it is slated to be manufactured in 2040, we can assume to see a few of the aforementioned features, if not all, in future BMW products.

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