Honda NSX Type S breaks cover next week
The Honda NSX Type S will be revealed globally at the Moneterey Car Week on August 12Honda Newsroom

Honda NSX Type S breaks cover next week

The Honda NSX Type S will have a production run of just 350 units as the NSX enters its final year of production

Honda has just revealed the first glimpses of the NSX Type S that is set to make its debut at Monterey Car Week on August 12. The NSX will be the third car in the lineup to receive a Type S variant after the TLX Type S sedan and the MDX Type S SUV, but there has to be a catch, right? With the NSX getting the Type S treatment, Honda has confirmed the NSX will meet its eventual demise as it enters its final production year beginning 2022. The Honda NSX Type S will be limited to just 350 units worldwide.

While Honda remains tight-lipped about the exact specifications, it claims that the NSX Type S will use an ‘enhanced’ version of the V6 twin-turbo engine along with the Sports Hybrid SH-AWD system. For context, the current-generation Honda NSX is a mid-engined hybrid sportscar powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, which works in tandem with two electric motors at the front and one at the rear, giving it a combined power output of 565bhp and 641Nm of torque which is transferred to all wheels via a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. The ‘enhanced’ version of this setup could very well cross the 600bhp figure, given Honda’s claims of the NSX Type S being the best performing road-legal NSX ever with quicker acceleration and more power. We can also expect the suspension to be tweaked for an even more engaging driving experience and improved handling.

The Honda NSX Type S will bid us farewell by the end of 2022
The Honda NSX Type S will bid us farewell by the end of 2022Honda Newsroom

Currently, the details of the Honda NSX Type S are being kept under very tight wraps, which is bound to change as it makes its global debut at the Monterey Car Week on August 12, following which Honda will begin accepting customer orders. As most manufacturers begin to prepare for an electrified future, this really marks the end for us petrolheads who enjoy the noisy, smoking, combustion engines. Honda has confirmed it is not giving up on sportscars though, instead looking to usher in a new era of electric sportscars.

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