Lamborghini and Amazon team up to make Huracan Evo smarter with  Alexa assistant 

Lamborghini and Amazon team up to make Huracan Evo smarter with Alexa assistant 

Lamborghini for the new Huracán EVO have started to offer the Amazon Alexa in-car control assistant as an option, they have showcased it at CES 2020.

Lamborghini recently announced the Huracan EVO Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and along with that they have announced a collaboration with Amazon Alexa. Lamborghini also shared a video teaser of this collaboration on their social media pages to showcase the smart assistant integration. Amazon and Lamborghini will be displaying this system at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This falls in line with Jeff Bezos strategy to get the Alexa assistant into cars and has already partnered up with other major automotive manufacturers like Toyota , Ford, BMW and Audi.

In the video above shows it’s how users can use the digital assistant Alexa to control all the features of the car, like change the ambient lighting, change the climate control settings , switch music tracks , ask Alexa to find places to visit with directions. All these features shall make sure drivers keep their hands on the wheel of the Huracan at all time. Another addition is that these assistant can also integrate with the Alexa home speakers and you can control your house lights and air-conditioning if it is all synced up. Down the line Amazon as an addition to the assistant feature they hope to introduce Amazon Pay so that it can be used at petrol stations by just using the command “Alex pay for petrol” .

Lamborghini has announced the Alexa assistant integration on both the All Wheel Drive(AWD) and Rear Wheel Drive variants but have not disclosed how much this feature will cost. After the Huracan you can be sure Lamborghini will offer the Alexa assistant in their other product line up like the Aventador and Urus SUV.

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