The Mulliner Bacalar represents the future of coach-building
The Mulliner Bacalar represents the future of coach-buildingBentley Mulliner Bacalar

Limited-run Bentley Mulliner Bacalar interior revealed

Taking inspiration from the all-electric EXP 100 GT concept, the Mulliner Bacalar represents the future of coachbuilding, it is all set to be revealed at the Geneva motor show next week.

The EXP 100 GT concept of last year offered a look into Bentley’s vision for the future of the Grand Tourer, and how the British marque believes the one per cent will be travelling in the year 2035. Though that’s still quite some time away, Mulliner is taking inspiration from the concept with its upcoming Bacalar GT.

Though its debut is just around the corner, details are scarce. However, we do know that Bentley will adopt the same approach to material sourcing as with the EXP 100 GT. As shown in this recent teaser image, 'sustainable and ethically sourced’ materials will be used throughout, likely ditching leather and other animal-based products for the vegan kind, and using recycled materials – the concept’s cabin saw a combination of 5000-year-old ‘copperised’ reclaimed driftwood, hand-cut crystal and more.

What will lie at its heart is yet to be seen, but despite its sustainable approach and the all-electric set-up of the EXP 100 GT, an all-electric powertrain is unlikely. Our first look at an electric Bentley is set to come in the next couple of years, and will use the Porsche-developed J1 platform recently introduced in the Taycan as a basis

What’s more likely is the use of a Continental GT as a platform, with the brand’s 626bhp twin-turbocharged W12 residing under the bonnet for a 3.6sec 0-100kmph time and 333kmph top speed. Though not quite as accelerative as the EXP 100 GT concept, it’s fair to assume it’ll have respectable performance.

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, but Bentley says it will be ‘offered for purchase only to a very few’, leading us to believe it probably won’t come cheap. The model will be revealed in full on 3 March at the 2020 Geneva motor show.

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