The McLaren Sabre surpasses the McLaren Senna to be the most powerful non-hybrid McLaren
The McLaren Sabre surpasses the McLaren Senna to be the most powerful non-hybrid McLarenMcLaren Sabre by MSO

McLaren Sabre: The most powerful non-hybrid McLaren yet

The 820bhp McLaren Sabre is a bespoke supercar from McLaren Special Operations made exclusively for the American market

The McLaren Sabre is a new track weapon from the stables of McLaren Special operations (MSO) and it surpasses the McLaren Senna to be the most powerful non-hybrid McLaren. McLaren claims that the Sabre features “ideas and innovations that global homologation would not permit,” which is why it’s exclusive to the U.S. Only 15 cars will be made specially for 15 customers who were also a part of the development of the car.

The Sabre gets a 4-litre twin turbocharged V8 that makes 820bhp and 800Nm. It has a top speed of 350kmph which makes it the fastest two-seater McLaren ever. Before you point out that the Mclaren Speedtail and F1 are faster, they come with three seats. McLaren still hasn’t revealed the 0-100kmph timings but it is safe to assume that it will be under three seconds. The Sabre gets a lot of aerodynamic components just like the Senna and one thing that will be common in all cars is the butterfly doors and the huge fins on the side that integrate into the massive rear wing.

MSO will build the 15 cars specially for the 15 customers so that each car can be unique. McLaren also claims that each of the 15 customers were a part of the development of the car and as a partnership with O’Gara Motorsport, they were even allowed to drive it on a track earlier this year. The first of its 15 customers has already taken delivery of the Sabre. McLaren has not commented on the price of the car or if the Sabre will soon make its way into other countries with a few tweaks.

Commenting on the delivery of the first Sabre, Parris Mullins, Motorsport Director, O'Gara Motorsport said, “I've been fortunate enough to have been involved with a number of very special cars and I've never seen a manufacturer give clients the level of access that McLaren Special Operations has provided for the Sabre. We were extremely pleased with how the event went and were honored to support such an integral part of the customer journey for the Sabre. And today we are thrilled to hand over the first McLaren Sabre to its new owner - this time, not just a client, more a customer who has been in part collaborator, designer and factory test driver as their dream came to reality.”

The Sabre then is the fastest, most powerful, non-hybrid McLaren to date made only for the U.S. Unless McLaren finds a way to make a few changes and meet the global homologation rules, most of the world will never get a chance to see it in the flesh and it will go down as one of the rarest cars too.

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