The Mercedes-AMG EQE promises blistering performance
The Mercedes-AMG EQE promises blistering performanceMercedes-Benz

Mercedes-AMG EQE range revealed – 53 models to pack up to 677bhp

The new-age era of Mercedes-AMG continues to expand with new EQE models to feature 43 and 53 monikers

Mercedes-AMG has revealed its latest crop of all-electric models, this time turning its attention to the midsize EQE saloon. Already available in both single and dual motor forms, AMG’s variants feature their own bespoke powertrain and chassis upgrades applied to Merc’s electric vehicle platform, similar in execution to the EQS 53 revealed last year.

There will initially be two AMG EQE models available, with an additional AMG Dynamic Package available on the top-level 53 featuring a further performance upgrade. Fundamentally, all three share a similar dual-motor layout – one sat on each axle – therefore powering all four wheels through their own single-speed transmission, and an AMG-optimised battery pack with 90.6kWh of usable capacity.

Peak power and torque figures are, for want of a better word, big with the top-spec EQE 53 fitted with the AMG Dynamic Package producing 677bhp and 1000Nm of torque – or an identical magic torque figure of 1000Nm to iconic V12-powered AMGs of the past. These big numbers make for some small acceleration times, reaching 100kmph in 3.3sec, although top speed is limited in this case to 225kmph. Lesser EQE 53 models without the AMG Dynamic Package still feature 616bhp and 950Nm of torque, and the 43 comes with 476bhp and 858Nm, each reaching 100kmph in 3.5sec and 4.2sec respectively.

0-100kmph takes 3.3 sec in the top-spec EQE 53
0-100kmph takes 3.3 sec in the top-spec EQE 53Mercedes-Benz

The electric motors in all three variants utilise AMG-specific permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM), all designed to adhere to more rigorous AMG resilience tests than lesser Mercedes EQE models to ensure optimum performance over sustained usage patterns.

AMG has also applied its hand to the chassis, with bespoke wheel carriers, suspension links, anti-roll bars and rear subframe bushings, the latter 50 per cent stiffer than non-AMG EQEs. There’s also a bespoke setup for the adaptive dampers that work in conjunction with the standard-fit air-suspension. There’s rear-wheel steering, and an upgraded AMG high performance braking setup, with 415mm front discs with six-piston calipers and 378mm rears on sliding units.

If all this sounds like a lot of hardware, it’s because it is, combining to create a car that weighs in at 2525kg as it sits on the road. With so much weight on board, AMG has decided to follow the larger EQS53 by optionally offering the equal-largest diameter brake discs used on any production car, those being a set of ceramics with a 440mm brake disc up front – these are equal in size to the units found on the Bentley Continental GT Speed, and optionally on the Audi RSQ8 and Lamborghini Urus.

Interiors of the EQE are very futuristic
Interiors of the EQE are very futuristicMercedes-Benz

Visually, you wouldn’t really know that these EQE models had been fettled by AMG, as only their front grille panel, a subtle lip spoiler and some localised badging differ from standard AMG-line variants. These join bespoke 20- and 21-inch wheel options, all wrapped in Michelin’s latest Pilot Sport EV range, which are designed specifically for new high performance EVs such as this.

Local prices have yet to be established, but we expect the new model to arrive sometime later this year, production challenges due to the chip shortage notwithstanding. Yet if you’re a bit disappointed that Mercedes-AMG hasn’t really gone after cars like the Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron GT it’s because there’s a selection of bespoke electric EVs on their own bespoke AMG-EA platform coming soon, ones that should take performance levels up to another level, while also looking and feeling more like an AMG should.

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