Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: AMG’s fastest sportscar

To celebrate 55 years of AMG, the Mercedes-AMG GT gets motorsport parts, an upgraded engine and more downforce, making it the most extreme AMG ever
The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is basically a racecar
The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is basically a racecarMercedes-AMG

To celebrate its 55th anniversary, AMG has come out all guns blazing, putting all of its motorsport know-how into the new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series. An iteration of the AMG GT Black Series, this new car is now the fastest and most powerful AMG sportscar ever made. With 724bhp of power and 850Nm of torque on tap, the AMG GT Track Series is a track-only car that has borrowed bits from AMG’s GT racecars en masse and will be produced in a limited quantity.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series exterior

Mercedes-AMG has splattered the AMG GT Track Series with aerodynamic upgrades
Mercedes-AMG has splattered the AMG GT Track Series with aerodynamic upgradesMercedes-AMG

The Track Series gets an upgraded aero kit such as large bonnet scoops, integrated carbon wings on top of the front axle, blades on the front and rear fenders and a double diffuser at the rear. The Mercedes-AMG Track Series gets 18-inch wheels, the same as the standard road car, but with slicker track-specific rubber. It also sports a new racy silver paint scheme combined with elements in red, inspired by Mercedes-AMG’s F1 cars, and has been festooned with AMG logos across the front apron.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series interior

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series looks straight out of a GT3 racecar
The interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series looks straight out of a GT3 racecarMercedes-AMG

When a car’s interior has a roll cage, you know things are getting serious. The Track Series sports a carbon driver safety cell combined with a five-point safety harness and driver safety nets to improve safety. It has little to no creature comforts (not that you would have time for them), only a sim-racing inspired steering wheel with a multitude of customisable buttons and a fully programmable motorsport-derived driver display unit supplied by Bosch to show telemetric data. There is no sound deadening, no electric windows and barely any consideration for luxury. Everything about the AMG GT Track Series screams racecar.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series engine

Powered by the same 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine from the Black Series, this car’s heart gets custom motorsport injectors and specific engine modes to produce 724bhp/850Nm, an increase of 14bhp and 50Nm over the Black Series. In the Track Series, the engine will also have a flat-plane crankshaft like other GT cars.

In fact, the inspiration from Mercedes-AMG’s GT racing programme doesn’t stop there, as the AMG GT Track Series also derives its mechanical structures from the AMG GT3 and GT4 cars to make the AMG GT Track Series produce a huge amount of downforce and grip.

These include a sequential Hewland HLS 6-speed racing gearbox and adjustable four-way Bilstein dampers, directly derived from the racecars.

Production will be limited to only 55 units. As the name suggests, the Track Series will be a track-only special, and Mercedes-AMG is offering all owners exclusive membership for track days and Clubsport events to allow you to drive your car to the limit of its potential. The car costs ₹3.10 crore in Europe and deliveries will start later this year.

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