Breaking down the Ultraviolette F77 and Audi A6 | The Thrill of Driving podcast is LIVE!

Breaking down the Ultraviolette F77 and Audi A6 | The Thrill of Driving podcast is LIVE!

All the action from this week including new launches like the Ultraviolette F77, the Jawa Perak and Ferrari Roma along with our first impressions of the Audi A6

In this week’s Thrill of Driving podcast, we get Abhishek back in the studio thanks to popular demand. The team talks about everything they have been up to in the last week, starting with the launch of the Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle. Cool name, looks cool as well but how much potential does it actually have? We also get our hands on the all-new Audi A6, the first all-new product from Audi India in a while. Does it have the potential to replicate the success of the previous gen car?

Jawa has launched a new motorcycle, the Perak. Styled like a Bobber, this is a radical design from Jawa, though the name is a familiar one. We also talk about CS Santosh’s latest initiative: the Ace of Dirt. Basically an enduro race the likes of which we have never seen before in India, handpicked riders were put through some gruelling trails to see who can come out on top. This is CS’s way of giving back to the community, he says, by prepping riders for the challenges they could find in international rallies.

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