The Smart #1 signals a new era for the company
The Smart #1 signals a new era for the companySmart

Smart #1 electric SUV revealed

The Smart #1 signals the beginning of a new era for the Mercedes-owned company

The Smart #1 electric SUV has been revealed in its production guise, with a design from the chief of Mercedes design, and a very capable electric powertrain with some very respectable claimed figures. The compact electric SUV would compete with the Hyundai Kona EV and the MG ZS EV in India.

The design is obviously Mercedes inspired
The design is obviously Mercedes inspiredSmart

The Smart car is one of those iconic cars that had all the right ideas, but never really took off (remind you of something? Watch our Gone but not Forgotten video on the Tata Nano here). Smart even tried to move into the electric space, but it was too soon, and the brand was gone. Now however, it's back with a point to prove.

The Smart #1 compact electric SUV is the first production model to be built in Smart’s new era under the shared ownership of Mercedes-Benz and Geely, with the entire design styled under the direction of Mercedes-Benz’s design chief. The platform is from Geely, who also own Volvo and Lynk & Co. The Smart #1 has a rear-wheel-drive motor that outputs 268bhp of power and 343Nm of torque, with a claimed WLTP range of 420-440kms. If you get the DC fast charger, the battery pack can be charged from 10-80 per cent in a ridiculously quick 30 minutes.

The Smart #1 is around the size of the Hyundai Kona EV
The Smart #1 is around the size of the Hyundai Kona EVSmart

Design-wise, the family resemblance to other Mercedes-Benz SUVs is prominent, with the headlights and taillights especially similar in shape and design to the Mercedes GLB. It has a 19-inch set of wheels with aero-blades that lower the drag coefficient and enhance the efficiency of the car. It also has premium features like frameless doors, a panoramic sunroof and hidden door handles.

The interior has a massive HUD
The interior has a massive HUDSmart

On the inside, the Smart #1 has been given all the electric vehicle necessities, the most important of which is the 12.8-inch infotainment system. It also has a 9.2-inch instrument cluster, but curiously, Smart has also provided an enormous 10-inch Heads-up display. Smart has made very efficient use of space, with the wheels stretched out to all four corners of the car through a long wheelbase. For safety, the Smart also has a full ADAS suite.

The Smart #1 is yet to go through homologation that will make it street legal, but Smart hopes that will be completed later this year. The SUV is poised to go on sale around the beginning of 2023, but there are no details as to whether it will come to India or not.

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